Tuesday, May 04, 2004


hmm... what shud the title be ???
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Post Date: Tue May 04, 11:01:15 AM

this is after a long time :) . Had gone home , and getting bored majorly . But now baba is here so things are much better :) . I'm so happy i have a blog now that i keep thinking about what i would write , wish there was some way for instant transfer coz now i dont remember a thing!
Anyway not much going on at home, sis is all up on one end at times and down on the other the rest of the time , she keeps complaining that i dont sympathise with her , and i cant deny that :$ . I really dont . All of that stupid marriage stuff seems so unreal to me , something very distant . I guess it'll hit me only after she does get married , which i hope for her doesnt take too long ..
yest she tells me 'I dont like mom' and that made me gape , that was SOME THING to say!! I couldnt get a word out of my mouth after that , I kept praying the whole yest, God please create peace between these ppl .. I kept taking mom's side but today i kinda realized why sis is so obsessed with her idea of a 'new life' .. Mom keeps giving these orders that drive me nuts, and somehow it seemed so deliberate, so on purpose that it made me crying mad (what a silly fool i am , the only thing i can do when i get mad is cry while lightly banging some things (too scared to do more)) however i was so provoked today that i didnt even listn to some things she was saying , i almost choked on my breakfast and left in half unfinished , but she didnt even ask me to finish it later (wasnt i just waiting to give a rude reply to that :D ) .. sigh.. dont know when things will change.. they go fine for some time . .we have so much fun and then dhadd! its all gone .. today i kept getting the feeling the only thing mom can do is work , i think she's distributed all the love she had for us among her stupid school's kids , the shouting is even worse when she's got school .. wonder where it all went and baba thinks she's an angel who cant do wrong (now im sounding like sis) .. and we're the ones who always sin .. ha!!
I made baba get an urdu fiction book for me yest, i should know atleast some urdu to pass down to my kids :D , so dad got a book by munshi premchand , its called akhreeh tohfa , dad and i read one story yest.. and i kept asking him meanings to the words :D .. when i got up to do the dishes after dinner (sis and i are taking turns every night :( ) dad finished the story , and when i asked him if he did he said nai nai.. i havent read the whole thing .. hmff .. so much for preaching about truth and all :D
on saturday i think,mom and i went ot this handloom exhibition at nizam college grounds , for some reason i had wanted me n mom to go (was feeling all loving towards her hten :S ) .. so we went leaving apa and baba alone ( and she finished all the red hot chips >: ) , and though i'd nver been crazy about bags before (unlike sis and mom ) , mom and i ended up buying 5 bags that day!! And thats all we bought .. xcept for some consolation chikki for sis :D
We bought three jute bags, two of them are really cute , couldnt stop modelling with them on :D , and two leather ones!! Ooh , they're sexy , i liked mom's more , and told her htat it was too posh for her :D , its black and its got a red strap , so do you think it'll suit her ?? Anyway apa and dad loved mine more .. though dad got really mad at their prices , i for my part think the prices are quite alright , where in dammam would you get such a nice bag for under 40 riyals??
Have come to college to decide what we gonna do for our summer prj , lets hope we get some work done .. miss raskras a lot ...
appy bought me an orange and black wraparound !! :D , i hope its really cool .. im just dying to wear it
:D , kir , ranj and ruchir shud be here soon .. hope we have fun :D
thats enough for now i guess (or more than enough ? :) )

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