Saturday, April 24, 2004


me back here again today . .had to come for the internship .. hail ranjjjjjjjj :D , she was like magic with kandy .. so now we've sent the mail , had some fun while sending it too :)) . She asked me if i was iranian :S , sigh this is the second person here , cant they see im a good ol indian ..
Anyway now thats done , waiting for Rajat to call , still keeping Ruchir's option open , I hope i manage to get it someplace atleast , want to be doing something other than getting bored these hols ..
Poor Ranj and Appy might not be getting it at Mastek , so Ranj is trying everything else ..
Ranj and I are also gonna work on Mum's school website hopefullly, have to go and meet Dr.Mateen .. seems like he'll be there tomorrow . .hope we get paid :D , Ranj keeps saying 'I want munnnnnnnyyyyyyyy' :D
well i dont mind it either .. :)
I hope this TCS thing works .. it'll be so cool if it does..
chal gotta go have lunch

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Anonymous said...

Time traveling backwards to wish you this... Happy Blogging Kiddy !