Thursday, May 13, 2004


hi ..
long time no see ? :)
So me at college again, we couldnt get the internships so we took a project here in LTRC, had to run around a lot before that so were finally glad to get some work . It was R's idea for the summer prj and i think it was really cool though i reacted in my usual way :) . That reminds me , sis thinks im the most stubborn person she has ever met!Me and stubborn ?? NO way :)
So that day all of us did hve some fun , hum hain na :D . The weather was also really good that day so i'll remember it for a long time , the four of us walking down the main road :) .
Well the greatest news is that sis is gonna get married next year to mr.altaf hussain :), so we'll have shireen hussain, she should change her name to saddam hussein , she already shares her bday with him :), now she could share her name too :D.
So finally spoke to mom like an adult ;). And family things are fine now at home , we had a khorma ki dawat a few days back, 'slab dalne ki khushi mein' , dad gave shah rukh 15k!! lucky guy :)
Appy and the rest of the delhi gang will come tomorrow , someone is sure going to be reelee happy :D, lets hope it'll be worth the wait , which is ruchir's new signature :D .
So now we're working under VV , kitni bc karta hai!! Nothing about the code, all about documentation and other crap .
Saw the last episodes of friends , they werent that good , in fact htey were the worst ever, seemed so faked ,and overly senti , they could have made it a nice cheery ending . Seems the ads in the middle of the airing went as high as 2 million dollars for a 30 second slot!
So things are cool ,sis seems so serene now that i was feeling kinda weird yest, and was also feeling sad that she'll go off in one year or so :( , life will become more boring then :( at home i mean :) .
Anyway gotta do so browsing for the project so tta for now

*wanted to remember this thing dad was saying a few days back , found it funny for no reason :D

'Aap kuch soch kar hanste honge, hum toh yun hi muskurate rehte hain '

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