Monday, February 01, 2010

Notes to myself

A quick recap of the weekend:

Got house cleaned up for parents' arrival (for good! :) :( :) ), bathroom still remains to be cleaned, covered with a thin layer of dust. Help lady refuses after washing the hall upstairs. Switched on the motor, fuse   (blew up? gone? what?). Uncle repaired fuse, motor still refuses to work - not a great way to welcome your parents back. Decided to make one last fruitless trip to the passport office - was fruitless indeed. Gave up and gave in, gave passport to uncle who will get an agent to do something about the renewal. Decided to go shopping for niece. Ended up splurging on clothes for niece, the mother, the aunts. Acc. to Immu, 'Dayal's uthake lalee'. It's an anticlimax when you buy gifts for people and they make you feel guilty instead. However, on a sidenote, I have also realized that my love for shopping is manifesting itself in strange ways: Since I feel too guilty after buying stuff for myself, I am now spending on others (but there was a sale too! FORTY PERCENT OFF and everything I picked up was WOW!). Okay, I think maybe like Shopaholic, dresses are calling me to buy them and I can't refuse! Anyway, it was a great shopping trip. Came home, showed off shopping to Immu, but it didn't end up making me feel very great :/ Some things are just weird...

There was a barbecue party in the night, and then the PAX stayed up talking for a while. Then Immu and I spent (wasted, really) some time over Facebook. That girl is an addict.

Had made plans with J for the next day, but for a number of reasons I called up J and cancelled. Thought she would kill me, but we're friends for a reason - she said: I was half-thinking of cancelling myself! Next time, J. The PAX then decided that we didn't know when we'd get a chance to go out together again, so the two married women and me single girl ( :D ) went off to Pizza Hut and had an awzum time. Ultimate temptation cheesy bite pizza is highly recommended. Must say, you also need to be in fun company. More PAX pictures were taken and a lot of fun was had.

Had a good time catching up with people I haven't spoken to in a long time too. And some cryie conversations. Sigh. 

And back in office today... Monday's are so depressing. I want to go back to school again :|


Sudha said...

I want to go back to school again :|

Aah, so do I. D:

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