Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ring out the old...

2009 - In my mostly plain vanilla life, you mostly fit in. There were some new things - the 'turnaround' (that still makes me wince), the new phone (whose many amazing features I love but mostly have no time for), among some others, but mostly it was the year of waiting. Even on the 31st, I wondered how come we weren't still suspended a long way off from 2010, a state that my brain has been in for a long time. 2010 will also bring with itself a fair share of waiting, but it's more bearable now, and more exciting, insha allah.

The 'Management' took some pity on us and decided to give us a holiday on Thursday, giving us a total of four days off. The previous weekend was a long weekend too and with no work to be done, I was quite surprised to find myself fidgeting thanks to all the time I had on my hands. So I went ahead and dug up the crochet kit that I got from Walmart and learned a few stitches. Yeah, I surprised myself too.

These four days seemed to fly by and Monday's almost here. Sigh. It felt like winter break in school. My manager's face seems blurry to my memory and considering that I've been working with another team on a consulting project, regular work seems miles away.

Went out on all three days except today. Grandmom wanted to buy the latest addition to the family some gifts, so went to Ameerpet and then a toy store at Abids. The next day, having spent the whole day finishing off my first David Baldacci (borrowed because I dont like spending money on thrillers, but totally enjoyed it), went with Xobia to Landmark and fell in love - hook, line and sinker. I always end up buying a book whenever I go to Crossword, and the other day I convinced myself that it was okay to buy the membership card and did. (I think I just love adding plastic to my wallet, it makes me feel cool or something). Realized what a big mistake I'd made when I saw the sheer number of books that Landmarks stocks. Just standing around, I saw a book that I'd been planning to buy for sometime and the sequel to the 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants'. I only watched the movie but loved it, so decided to buy the sequel, and am halfway through and completely bowled over by the writing. It's not brilliant, but it's a true girl/woman book. (Calling it chicklit would be a little degrading methinks). I'm still offended that it was stocked in the teen fiction section! Hmmf. Did some fabulous shopping at Shilparamam the next day. Loved showing it off.

Tis time to go to ze bed and sloop. Happy New Year! January 1st was more on the lines of Crappy New Year for me, holding the promise of many rantings at relatives and friends and futile government office trips for the year ahead, but things have been getting better. Immu'll be getting married soon, or at least engaged. And things seem to have turned out for the good, alhamdulillah. As much as I hated the line and its occurences in the movie, I'll have to say: all is well.


Sudha said...

As much as I hated the line and its occurences in the movie


Especially that bit with the baby being fake-dead but magically coming to life at the fairy tale words. Meh. :/

Sam said...

what about the baby kicking at 'all is well' when it fake-dies.... the movie would've been so much better without it.

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