Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Black and Blue Bravery Award

Attending a team meeting - Check
Listening to your manager talking about working a minimum of 60 hours a week - Check
Realizing the business plan entails all staff to give up their lives for the company - Check
Being too murderous to care about what your boss is saying - Check
Challenging your boss on a statement - Check
Being asked by your boss to stay back after the meeting - Check
Being reprimanded on your disinterest during meetings - Check
Spending your lunchtime ranting about the meeting - Check
Having a headache - Check
Will I have a Brufen? - No


Blister said...

:D Stay back? Reprimanded? are u in school? Ridiculous!!! Are you sure he didn't ask you stand with one hand out in front of you and whack u with a ruler on the hand? :D

...and why not brufen? I lauv Brufen!

mythalez said...

60? 60/5 = 12?
or 60/7 = 8.5+ ?
either ways it's atrocious!
and wats brufen? :P

mythalez said...
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Blister said...

Ibuprofen. :)

Sudha said...

I STILL don't understand why you continue to subject yourself to that Social Life Sucking Black Hole of an Organization. :/

Argentyne said...

@blister: Tell me about it. And yes, I concur, I love brufen too.

@mythalez: It is, extremely atrocious.

@Sudha: They try not to give you enough time to figure out the answer to that question :)