Monday, December 14, 2009

The bwas and whees of the past few weeks

Hello, har war you?

I'm in office still, call on the ERP just ended. Told teammate 'Yaar, my brain has shut down', and he said, 'Tumhara toh sirf shut down hi hua hai, mera toh crash hogaya hai!' We spent the entire day on research, re-research and sensitivity analyses. Grah. But I must say, it's better than being brainnumb after repetitive, stoopid work.

A laaaaht of stuff happened the past few weeks. Yes, I gave up on the Nablopomo. You must've noticed the 'Inna lillahi...'. Lost two relatives in the span of a week. One was a month old, another was 80, the great-grandmother of the baby who passed away. I heard the mother cry, 'Mummy, mere bachche ko lekar chale gaye' and heard my grandmom cry 'Koi bhai-behen nai rahe'...

At work, things got crazy with me taking up a project that people tried to scare me from taking up and I was scared to take it up too, turned out it wasn't a big deal at all. Then last week, I got pushed into working with another team that I didn't want to because it seemed terribly boring and fretted and sighed about it, and today I hear, I'm not on that project anymore. On the mid-year front, things went pretty smoothly too, except for the part where I was congratulated on my 'turnaround', I didn't know if I was supposed to be excited or offended. Still, it was good to know. Nothing to be too complacent about though, as soon after I pulled an argentyne. I've learned by now to say - c'est la vie. Which reminds me, there was much excitement in between about Zurich and what not, but now I'm not so sure. We shell see how that plays out.

And there was the weekend with the engagement and the birthday. Oh, and the microwave. I surprisegifted the grandparents house the microwave, sneaking in the carton at dawn. And like I just told you about the unpredictability of life, people in the house started freaking out looking at unlabeled, plain brown carton and paranoia came sweeping in through the door, the grandfather shouting at everybody that the box must be taken out of the house, 'Who knows who got it here? Who knows what could be in it? What if the police come and ask us, why it's here?' I was outside then, having the time of my life and I got a frantic call from the cousins who knew about it, screaming 'PLEASE TELL THEM YOU GOT IT OR WE'RE TELLING!' So, I gave them the go-ahead and just when the box was being thrown out of the house, Immu told the grandmom and she finally got the box opened.

This weekend I shopped for self and cousins and sister (well only a dress (yes, Blister)) but they loved it, and I got awesome shoes and clothes and I was on a shopaholicky high, but then started feeling guilty too. No mo shopping for me for sometime now.

That's all for now. I ghoobhai.


mythalez said...

there should also be occasions where you could pull a 'coolcat' ;)

Blister said...

awesome clothes and shoes!? and moi? just ONE measly dress!?

the brown carton story was so funny:D