Thursday, December 03, 2009


I found this off some random blog-surfing from here and thought it was very beautiful and profound.

Rules to live by:

1) Eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're sleepy enuff.

2) Be good to people who have been good to you. Be good to people unless they give you a reason to be mean to them. Be firm, but be kind.

3) Say 'No' as much as you say 'Yes'.

4) When you find something you admire in people, tell them about it. Even if it looks like flattery.

5) When you find something you detest in people, tell them about it. Only if you think it'll help them.

6) Before you say anything, ask yourself, 'is it true? is it kind? is it necessary?' if the answer to all three questions is not yes, then keep it to yourself.

7) Dont make up your mind about people the first time you meet them. Make up your mind only after the tenth time.

8) Keep looking till you find someone who will love you for what you really are. When you find that person, dont let go.

9) It is possible to be successful without being competitive. Its perfectly alright that you're not a competitive person. You will succeed.

10) Spend as much time with yourself as you do with other people.

11) Watch atleast one sunrise/sunset per week.

12) Read those books which give you pleasure. Read those books which will teach you something. Read those books which help you make that leap into the extraordinary.

13) Memorise poetry if you must. Its not a waste of time.

14) Write your thoughts down. It helps.

15) Watch movies and listen to music. Everyday do one thing which is exclusively for yourself.

16) Go for plays and art exhibitions. Especially if you have to do it all by yourself.

17) Make friends without giving a thought to their clothes, their accent, their politics.

18) Learn. Learn. Learn. Without it you will not help anyone.

19) True friends stab you in the front. Let them. Forgive them.

20) Say 'sorry', but only when you're wrong. Not becoz you think it will help things.

21) Do things that will challenge you. Stick to them till you finish them. Seek help if you flounder.

22) Ask for directions when you need them. But its also alright to get lost sometimes.

23) Ask questions even if it makes you look dumb. People like feeling smart, they'll tell you the answer and you'll gain something.

24) Take good care of your pets.

25) Dance. Sing. Even if its terrible to watch and hear. Floss once every week.

PS: Will be back soon.


mythalez said...

yes ... dental hygiene is important ... as vouched even by Ogden :P

Sophist said...

:) Loved them, especially point nos. 2 through 9. Its nice to see that your relationship with this part of your mind is alive and thriving. Wish we could've talked more when we met. :(

Isha' said...

thanks. for this.