Friday, December 05, 2008

Bits and pieces

Grateful for a new day and that I'm early in office. I've been writing so many posts in my head, I think it's one of the reasons why I can't fall asleep early enough. And since I definitely don't have the time I'm going to put in a line or two about each

* Quite pained by a rather narrow minded article on my Reader, I was contemplating adding to what I'd written before while I was praying. Then I got locked in the stairwell (where I pray) and feared that the security head who came to unlock the door would tell me that they wouldn't allow me to pray there anymore what with the new security measures. Not only was he extremely polite, when I told him I was scared to pray on the topmost floor, he only said that the next time, I should block the door with something so that people would know someone was in there. So grateful.

* I woke up today morning remembering Ammy... on the day she was to leave, lying awake in bed calling 'Peemmii, Peemmii' and then came over to the other room where I was sleeping and woke me up. Sigh. I miss you so much, my little sunshine. Yest. I was telling Pitti and mami about 'Chepat' :D We'd gone to Lina's that day, and I asked Blister to pass the ketchup and Ammy went, 'Chepat hona'. Oh, the number of times we made her repeat that :D

* Monumental: "You don't go to the Taj Mahal and ask 'Why isn't there a restaurant here, do you?" :D

* Kpuri's been turned upside down thanks to the upcoming wedding. No place to sit with laptop, no hall basically. I hope it'll be done before the 70 odd people descend on the place.

* And this story that I just have to put in here. We were at the airport, Blister and Ammy were leaving and Blister was having a terrible time running around sorting out excess baggage etc. Mom was helping her out and dad was busy elsewhere. So there I was trying to keep Ammy while staying in sight of all the other luggage. But there's no keeping Ammy in one place, the moment I set her down, she'd walk away, very fast and very purposefully... you'd think she'd been born and brought up at that airport. So I finally had to wrap my arms around her and refuse to let her go anywhere. Poor thing, she cried so much. It was the worst see-off ever. Then sis was finally done, so she moved towards immigration with the stroller (and Ammy strapped in and still screaming) and some two handbags and one trolley. I took the trolley and went in with her while she stood in the immigration line (surprisingly, the airport officials weren't too strict about that, even though I told them I had no ticket they said I could go in and help her). Just after we joined a really long line, I saw Baba gesturing wildly that Blister come out again, so I waited in line with stroller, luggage and all while Blister ran outside. She was getting really late and even fifteen minutes later there was no sign of her. (I learned only later that the airport officials had mixed up her luggage tags).

Poor Ammy was wailing her head off though intermittently she'd get distracted and forget all about her distress. (There were little kids who'd pass by her or a scary looking 'untaal' (uncle)). Soon I moved to the head of the line and with Blister nowhere in sight, I gestured to the person behind me to go ahead and stood slightly away from the line, shushing Ammy (who was now causing many heads to turn with her bawling) and looking desperately for any sign of Blister. It was now another person's line, who was probably Chinky, and who seemed confused whether I'd allow him to go ahead of me or not. So he turned to the guy behind him and said,
'Maybe her husband will come?'

If I wasn't so worried that Blister would miss her flight, I'd have laughed out loud. Mom and dad had a nice laugh when I told them.

Off I is now.


mythalez said...

ahem ahem .. so when IS the 'husband' coming? :P

Argentyne said...

:) I'll let you know well in time, when he does :P