Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Warning: Crazy post ahead

Pfft. I just gave this test according to which my personality type is a 'Performer'.

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.

The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

Am I especially attuned to pleasure and beauty? Maybe my blogself is. But tis true about the work bit. Though the picture that came with the analysis makes me think they're thinking of a barmaid. Humph! I don't know about avoiding confrontation either. And that bit about management positions not being for me - I always knew that! (I am suddenly reminded of a wall hanging that my mom bought long ago 'The opinions expressed by the husband in this house are not necessarily those of the management' :D Hehehe)

I's pissed off dammit. Why? Let's analyze why. (I think this is the kind of thing where I realize once i'm done that there wasn't anything to be pissed at, let's see)

1. The whole gift taking back thing. Twas mine and I forgot I gave it to you! And I'm santimantal bout it, can't I take it back without you making such a big fuss?
2. The whole 'You're slow, slow, slow' thing. So I'm washing dishes, humming to myself and taking my time about it. I have an absentmindednessanddaydreaming disorder. So what?!  What's the hurry? The dishes are going to get washed, right? How am I supposed to be in the 'flow' as Mr. Zen Habits puts it when the work I'm doing is extremely mechanical? (Though I guess I should really work on those 'mindfulness' habits Mr. Zen Habits is always talking about. This is what gets me into trouble at work. It's so mind-numbing! How do I invent that 'sense of urgency'?! One quote that I'd really love to put up near my office dex is 'Do what you have to so you can do what you want to' which probably transates to 'Drag yourself through the day so you can buy those pretty shoes'. (Wow, can I sound any more dumb-blonder?)  But that wouldn't be very good for the 'imij' now, would it? (Yeah, lots of blog imij lef now :D)
3. And then you get pissed off for no reason. We'll never stop quarreling, you and me. Baba's right with the whole 'aao behen laden, osama bin laden'. Heeh.
4. And then a certain Mr. Garcia gets mad at me and says he'll take his time returning my EPR. Says twas not sent at the right time and all. So three other people did the same thing. Not fair. I explained why. And now I still don't know if I'll get it back on time. X(
5. I'm pissed at the amount of work-related thinking I'm having to do on a holiday. It's a vacation! I'm supposed to be 'unplugging' as per our CEO! Stupid mid-year reviews.

Five reasons. Good enough to be pissed off.

And now one reason why I'm suddenly sad:

The lau of my life, leaves the day after for Obamaland. No, nahin, nix, non, nyet. Not yet. Pweis. I wish I hadn't met you right before you left, you little imp. Twouldve been so much easier to have let you go. I could write pages after pages on you. Sniff.

But as I've reminded myself a few times over in the past two days (thanks to a lot of Al-Jazeera watching! Excellent news channel! Learn something you silly Aaj Taks!), there is a lot I'm thankful for.

So on that sugary note, we end this post. Please thank our loyal reader J for 'post kar gadhi-ing' this blogger. As much as this blogger missed posting on her blog, there was enough to keep her occupied, at least mentally. One day maybe you'll be able to visit my brain and view all drafts. They are many. Until then, enjoy the show! (Ugh. I am NOT a performer X(. Oh, that was point number six :D. Yes yes, I'm done now. Enough crazy writing at midnight.) Take care y'all.


Dreamcatcher said...

I got the performer thing too. Heh.
How be you?

Sudha said...

I read this post and realised just how little I know you now—I mean, this lau of your life you're talking about, and all your job pressures are all mysteries to me—when once I knew you so well.

Damn, I miss those days. *sighs*

Geez, you're pissed, I'm sad and nostalgic...I'll stop with this comment before I embarrass myself any more! :P

Hope things get better soon!

PS: You're not a performer, btw. I know atleast that much. :P

blister said...

dijya ever realise how embarrassed and dumb you would feel if somebody came up to you, and saw with u something they had given u very lovingly before, and then say - hey!how come u have that!, and u say - don't u remember u gifted it to me, and then they say - i would never do that,i don't think i did - it would make u feel like u had stolen something and were trying to pass it off as a gift coz it was spotted - totally humiliating!!!! and yeah, s the giver, if u realised u weren't thinking clearly when u parted with something, it's still not fair and comfortable for the 'givee' when u ask back for it.it is again - hugely embarrassing!!! and yeah, we will always fight, it is chemical, but i also love u to bits.

Argentyne said...

Ish, so sorry for the late reply! I be good, how be you? Why you not be twittering?

Sooda, let's meet up sometime :) And thanks for the reassurance :)

Blister, I not remember at all, I swear. I wouldna want to give it cause I santimantal about it. I reelee sorry about humiliation/embarrassment etc. Very. Really.