Monday, November 03, 2008


Just finished voice chatting with ze parents. Ohmygod, I cannot believe how fast this girl is picking up things, masha'allah. She knows the 'naam' of both her parents and many poems, songs, duas... and masha'allah she recites them so well! Mum was saying she just needs to hear something once and she'll pick it up. I'm glad she's only hearing good things :P Must be how little kids pick up obscenities so early :D.

While Mom and I were talking, she continuously went on screaming in the background. When I asked mom what she was saying, mom carefully replied in English, 'She's scolding somebody', so I tried hard to make out what she was saying until Mom finally said, 'She's saying 'Chappal pehenke nahin aana idhar!' and then suddenly the little imp shouts loudly, 'Peemmi, maar khatey! Peemmi, maar khatey!' and mom and I burst out laughing.

Then I got busy explaining the visa problems to mom and this girl, finding that no one was paying any attention to her starts shouting, 'Ta-ta, buhbye! Ta-ta!'and Mom, horrified as well as amused said, 'Aisa nai bolna ma, Peemmi pyari bachchi hai' but madame continued singing 'Ta-ta, buhbye' and tried closing down the laptop until dad scolded her which she then promptly repeated at me. And Baba, sounding a teensy bit mad at Ammy went, 'Tota hai!'

and Ammy went, 'Tota hai!'
so Baba laughed and said, 'Ek bada tota paal liye hum log'
and Ammy went, 'Bada tota paal liye hum log!'

and then we were laughing too hard to say anything else.

Sis was telling me yesterday that madame now poses for photoshoots too. If you take a picture of her at one place, then she'll go stand near another wall and wait for you to shoot, or will sit cross-legged or lean against a wall...

And another story that sis was telling me the other day... since we were kids, we were supposed to let Baba give us a kiss on our foreheads before going to sleep and we did the same, something we still do and that Baba demands of Ammy too. So when sis and Ammy go to sleep in one room, sis sends her to the other room, saying, 'Jao, Mummy, Baba ko pappuz deke aao' and according to sis, Ammy obediently does the same, in a very 'professional, tender manner' apparently. So the other day, while I was chatting with them, sis took her leave saying Ammy was sleepy and was taking her away to put her to bed. And then Ammy stops of her own accord and said to Mom, 'Pappuush?', so Mom went all 'awwwwwww' and let Ammy kiss her forehead and then Ammy said, 'Baba pappuush?' because she was supposed to kiss Baba and he wasn't around. So mom had to explain to her that Baba'd gone to office and would be back only later and she could give him the pappuush then.

Oh and today, she had to go to bed so Mum told her to say fee amanillah and give me pappuush, so that little sweetheart climbed up the chair in front of the laptop and showered many kisses on the laptop screen. Sigh. I love you, Ammy! And I'll see you soon, insha allah!

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