Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eh, what?

It's Saturday night and I'm sitting here with my laptop. Nothing new, mind you. I am here, on this diwan, nearly every night. Most times, Nanahzt is busy flicking through TV channels for a restless half an hour until he finally gives up and goes to sleep. One day, he fell asleep while watching some Telugu song competition type show and I wondered whether I should wake him up until someone will a really melodious voice did the job for me. It is rather difficult to concentrate right now and the TV is not the only reason, though it is one of the major ones. I need silence to write!

A few minutes ago, I realized that my brain was getting fuzzier by the second and that I needed to vent. Attempts to reach N and Pitti failed. Just earlier in the evening today, I received a call that was apparently from her only listen to a question being repeated over and over again in a language that was either Tamil or Malayalam, I was unable to figure that out because I kept thinking it was the idea behind this gibberish must be her bizarre sense of humour. It was only later when after multiple attempts to reach her..

At this point the author was interrupted by her parents for a chat. At the end of this aforementioned chat, she was in no mood to continue a post that was supposed to be a reminder of a good day. She hopes to complete it at a later date and apologizes for any inconvenience to her esteemed readers.


mythalez said...

apology accepted .. but only because you have deemed us 'esteemed' :P

pranav said...

I am not at all surprised at my thoughts being on the same lines as that of mythalez [:)]

Anonymous said...

When can one exect another post from madame?

Argentyne said...

Just things I have to do to keep my readership from leaving ;)

@DC, question answered :D