Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today was funday. When I reached office, I found myself thinking 'I've been working in an office for so long? This office?' I suppose it was a truly out-of-this-world experience. Which probably implies that my 'life' is non-existent.

I did something today that should brand me as a 'scaredy-cat' for life. But to anyone who points that out to me, I shall ask them to jump off a 140 foot form high building. Heeh.

After being tempted by many advertisements, I went ahead and bought Kara's skincare wipes. I highly recommend them, they're totally worth the money (45 bucks)... at least the moisturing ones.

Oh and a PAX slogan, 'we're all pax in the journey of life'. Na? :) :D

Okay, tta. It is intiki pota time. Yayy. People should always stay in college. Never leave. Keep failing like Aamir Khan in RDB. :D

And again, will reply to the comments soon :<

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