Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I've finished 8 working days now. At least half of them were terribly hectic. Two were spent at a boring induction at a 7 star hotel (or is it 5?) with notepads and the most exquisite pencils I've seen yet.

My laptop at home (yes, I've a laptop at work, but nothing too ooh-la-la) hangs frequently signaling an imminent hard disk crash. Some weeks before that, the charger got fried cause of a high voltage surge. Paani ki motor got burnt too.

Damn it. I can't write anymore. I'm experiencing major vocabulary block. I should really stop breaking into Hindi during conversations.

Oh. HAWGAH seems to be taking off... a little too soon? A shopping mall? Really?!

Evil punk rocker with male pattern baldness?

I'm putting on weight :'( And only today I was introduced to an expensive stall in the break-out area with aromas of authentic pizza and melting chocolate brownies wafting in the air.

Ammy update: Couldn't be naughtier. Will climb up steps if you let her go outside. Loves dust balls and eating hair. Is saying 'mimmi' these days. Also seems to have learnt to shake her head to say no. And shoes is 'shsheesh'. Will go mad if you don't close the lid of a bottle or box or an open door.... keeps shouting 'Beh! Beh! Beh!' (Beh for Bandh). Seems like her dad's made her a guardian angel over her mom's general tendency to leave things uncovered.

Will the weekend start already?!


mythalez said...

aah .. the hectic lives and the wait for weekends :P

Anonymous said...


shub said...

I love it when you write about your niece :D
Not to mean that I don't otherwise :P

Argentyne said...

hello doda, yes. No more extended holidays :'(

Anonymouse, yes sir.

Shubza, thank you either ways :D