Monday, October 01, 2007

lolcats, anyone?

I retracted the last post not because the statement doesn't hold anymore, but cause I was only upset with certain persons with whom I keep having this argument. Anyway, that's not an issue right now so I shall entertain you with pictures from one of my phavret websites. And yeah, I love cats :)









More here.


shub said...

teehee! dayum qyoot! :)

SG said...

a cat lover eh? no wonder you made it to an IIM ;)

btw check out this CAT (of the feline species) related thread on PG, with lots of cat-stories and all, it created quite an uproar first about 2 years ago!

Anonymous said...

the earlier link got messed up. here's the link broken up into 3 parts

Dreamcatcher said...

this picture on the header. did you take it?

Sudha said...

Ooh, wait. I have the 'Which lolcat are you?' Quiz somewhere...

Sudha said...

Found it!

Argentyne said...

shubza, thanq! :)

golan, saw. Weird it is!

ish, I wish I had! i be stealing it from a Maldives tourism site. Heavenly it is, no?

Sudha, wow! I didn't know they were that famous. Also didn't know you spent so much time on useless quizzes :P (PS: Our college has blocked that site :( )

Sudha said...


I'll have you know that Lolcats have promoted much happiness and laughter around the world. ;)

Also, use a proxy server, stupid. I suggest: