Thursday, September 27, 2007

Losing track of time...

There's hardly anything to do nowadays. For the next few days, I hardly have more than three classes. All of this is driving me mad. I.WANT.WORK. But you know what the problem is? When you're caught up in a wild frenzy of deadlines, one small piece of work doesn't seem to be too much. But when you're whiling away your time, the littlest effort requires a lot of motivation and determination - a theory I was happily explaining to whiny Gokul. But yes, I am getting rather sick of doing nothing. There are contests to take part in but Ramadhan combined with chilly, please-let's-stay-in-bed mornings and the general atmosphere seem to be too much to battle. Today I broke all previous records by sleeping at 9 and waking up at 5 pm. Then spent two hours feeling bad about it. (It seems women are more self-critical than men. And more in need of attention. I don't want to believe it's true, but I know it is). After being very unresponsive to mom over gtalk (also because I had just got my hands on Photoshop), I realized that I better get out of my room and get some fuel to my jaded engine. Just to ensure that the engine stayed running, I made sure to take my laptop along so that I could go to the library after dindin.

And so I did, spent some time poring over Hindustan Times' Mint and have two things to share with you, my esteemed two and a half readers,
  • The HR firm, Hewitt, predicts that salaries of people in the finance, banking and related IT industries will rise by 14.45% this year. Yayy!
  • UTV is planning to start a TV channel directed at youth, called Bindass (such a new, fresh name!) whose programming will include, among others, a program called 'Sun Yaar Chill Maar', an Indian version of the popular sitcom Friends. :| (Ewww count = 3 (J, Orgy and Blister)
I shall now stop blabbering and try to turn in early. We now having sehris delivered to collez (made by sweet wife of nice mozlem gentilman who works here at Kampus. Very sweetly invited us to their house saying we would be doing _them_ an honour! Tsss. I likes. Good nights)

(PS: Blister says that I must not make people watch Ammy videos, cause they might not be as interested as I am. But I can't help it. She's just so.. sigh. I don't think I've ever been so excited and obsessed with a human being. She's coming here soon Inshallah.)

(PS2: Blister just wrote on gtalk: ammy scratching laptop keyboard :D (she sitting in blister's lap while blister typing) :-*)


ironhide said...

when will ppl learn! You actually *want* work???

mythalez said...

the newspaper is called 'mint'??

waah u ppl dont hav any work!! thats unfair .. go find some work :P
seriously why would u want work??!!

Apps said...

'two and a half readers' Why do all ALL bloggers say that? As if they don't know exactly how many, from where and when people accessed their blog. I mean c'mon! Sorry for the rant but it's just gotten too much.

On behalf of all the lurkers on every blog :P

Argentyne said...

ironhide, have a few days of absolutely nothing to do and you'll know what i'm talking about :)

doda, yes. Surprisingly, yes. And about why I want work, refer to answer above :P

appyta, I did not want to disclose this but I average around 6 visits a day. 3 of the times its me making some change to my blog or sth of that sort :P

shub said...

abbey enable feeds! google reader sucks! or do you WANT people to come here and check for updates?! :P

Argentyne said...

I don't know how to :| I shall check blogger options :)

Dreamcatcher said...

you do NOT have two and a half readers a day :P
modesty wodesty :P

Argentyne said...

i gave explanashun above!