Saturday, July 14, 2007

Whatever happened to all the men?

So the other day, two friends of mine, (both male) and I had taken a break from our group project and decided to amble down the hill for a little bit. All of a sudden, one of them, let's call him D1, stops and says 'Yaar, mujhe...' and starts hunting in his pockets.

The other guy, let's call him D2 says, 'Kya hua, paise chahiye?'

'Haan yaar, thoda urgent hai. Mujhe sabun chahiye'

'Sabun, tum sabun use karte ho? Bodywash kyun nahin?'

At that point, I decided to interrupt, 'Bodywash? You guys use bodywash?!'

D2: 'Haan, mere paas toh kuch aath (8)..'

D1(interrupting): 'Yeah. Since a very long time. My sis bought them for me from abroad'

I was still a little shocked, and I said 'A bodywash? You know with a'

D2: 'Loofah? Haan obviously, loofah se'

(The last time I remembered, I and a (girl)friend had to painstakingly explain what a loofah was to a (male) friend. Well, that was two years ago, much lotion has flowed under the bridge apparently.)

D1 (to D2 again): 'Ab woh wala thoda expensive hai na, toh isliye soch raha hoon sabun le hi leta hoon'

And I was like, 'Then what'll you do with the bodywash you already have?'

D1: 'Woh toh rahega na, for special occasions?'


Shireen said...

bodywash? BOdywash? BOH-DY-WASH? Oh, i know, whats wrong with being metro-sexual!!? Neat toe-nails, absence of body odor, and an okay dress sense - THATS IT!!! What made the men of my dad's generation men (and even women, as a matter of fact), was that they worked their asses off for their families, bought clothes twice a year maybe (half the time by their wives) at very reasonable prices, didnt care tuppence for branded shoes as long as they lasted atleast a coupla years. They were more substance than style, more high-thinking than high-living. and you know what, though i'm not for male-ascetism, it was these things that made me appreciate my dad and the other men his age. These kinda guys are still my role-models for males, that's how i'd like my husband or kids to be. I guess it's your call guys!

SWASTIK said...

Hmm you're right. Lots of people here use bodywash too. But are you saying it's okay for girls to use bodywash but we're being too metrosexual if we do ?

Dreamcatcher said...

I remember that so well. But eight types? Gosh I can't even think of any female friend who has eight kinds of bodywash. Wow. I thought one is enough for me.

Argentyne said...

shirza, got slightly confused with your comment :-s

swastik, bodywash is still okay, but using a loofah?! Lacy, pastel coloured...

DC, :D I know.. eight!

Sudha said...

I cannot actually believe that you didn't make this up.


8 kinds of bodywash?

The mind boggles.