Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Confucius say, man who keeps both feet firmly on the ground, has trouble wearing pants

So the neighbour and I had gone shopping the other day, spent nearly 7 hours! We stopped to grab a bite at this place called 'Jurassic Park' (which also has the dinosaur logo on all its bills, they could get sued real bad but who's going to find them!) and there was this written on the menu:

It reads, alongside a picture of an icecream called 'The White Stallion',
"This tongue tingle white balls will give you the strength of a horse". Game?

And then at the Reebok showroom, we chanced upon this, awfully cute little thing:

Maybe I'll buy one for Ammy :D. Which reminds me that madame's latest acquisition has been a very colourful clothbook. You'd think she's going to grow into a real nerd, but no, apparently shopping sends the little lady into a tizzy. Serves Blister right for being such a shopaholic ;) :D Oh well, it's only the different colours in the mall that excite Ammy dear. This is her, hugging the book to her face:

I finally bought my phone last week, and I must say, I luuurve it. It's sleek, smooth and sophisticated. The resolution is fantastic and it's great to see a colour phone that doesn't take ages between jumping from screen to screen. On the flip side, the camera is just about okay and I'm not able to make converted 3gp videos run in sync with the audio on the phone. But considering that the battery life isn't too great, I don't think I'll be using the video in any case. Audio's decent though. Lauly phone, nevahthaless.

Last week saw two visits to the beach. Two different ones and the second time, the weather was beautiful, the waves were dangerous, the sky spectacular and the fun element was at its toppest. It rained too, making everyone feeling delightfully chilly. The water, as usual, made her so ecstatic that she had an ear-to-ear grin plastered over her face all evening. On the other trip, she reinforced what will probably be a lifelong relationsihp, by introducing the Singhdom to shawarmas.

Sudha sent me this
article, a rather hilarious view on quite an irritating and frustrating experience. I only wish it could be taken so lightly.

Classes have started in full flow and with projects that require (almost) actual trading in the derivatives markets, I see long days and nights ahead.

Life in other ways, is peaceful with a tinge of bwaness. There's the kind of restlessness that you're filled with, when you can sense the discord around you and know that you're adding to it without being able to help it.

With fostahmada nagging, I think it's time to isstudy Conzooma Behavia (classes that have plentiful occurences of the words 'sex' and 'condoms', to the point of being irritating!)

I go now, fare ye well.


mythalez said...

lol @ title ..
wrong linkage :P .. remove the extra http ...

Argentyne said...

ammaaaaaaa :)

blister said...

so, umm, guys..... viagra, dabur vita-ex gold or white stallion!? rflol!