Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thoda table vable saaf kar de na yaar

So the neighbour and I have entered into a fitness pact. Let's hope it lasts! Quite sadistic she is! :D We went walking today and got thoroughly drenched in spite of a windcheater. Then there were many kinds of crunches. Well, I know that my stamina has shown some improvement, but it's nothing in front of the snish. Why can't there be some pills to instantly improve your stamina? :( And having to watch what you eat (which I've never ever done before) is horrible. It's like making a choice between - eating so many calories and burning so many. And then you think, nah, let's chuck it. Of course, I usually manage to convince myself that I'll burn them tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes!

Still have to master the art of eating slowly, which will probably save me from all the thinking. But for that, you need to be a good time manager and that would again bring me to pills! Ennyway, it was fun in a way. I hope there is some optimum level you can reach. Because there's no fun in things getting easier for you and then you making them harder every time.

From the latest Ammy videos that Blister sent, she has increased her vocabulary. Blister said 'Brrrrrrrrrrrr' in a phbbt kind of way and Ammy too, closed her lips and said 'brrrrr'. Ah, how the heart doth melt into mush. But apparently, she's forgotten how to do that in three days. And I was like 'How can that be?' to which Blister said 'Babies have very short term memories. Will forget anything if it's not reinforced'.
Zgary. Though I guess that's why you don't remember anything from when you were a baby. Cha. Should've been obvious.

Classes have started in full steam. A little over-steamed with 2 hour classes at a time. Ugh. Also, juniors have arrived. Such oldies! And so many of them are like gigantic in size. Doesn't seem to be much happening but maybe with time relations will improve. I got my old valley facing room back, this time with lovely blue curtains. So now I have blue light filtering into my room. Lauly it is.

Been watching Will and Grace. Finally something sarcastic. Love it! Will's retorts are amazing. Like he says to his boss 'Doesn't your back ache from kissing your own ass?' :D

When I was in 4th class, there was a girl who nobody liked. I don't exactly remember why but everyone thought she was a big liar etc etc. Now we had this lesson about Raja Ravi Verma and this girl claimed that he was her father. We'd once even discovered this letter that she had probably left lying around on purpose. It said 'Dear God, Nobody likes me. I want to die' or something to that effect. On my birthday, I wanted to (God only knows why) invite my whole class home. Anyway, the invitations went out and I was forced to invite this girl. I had a pet rabbit then, and sometime during the party, my cousin came up to me and asked 'Was it your bright idea to cover the rabbit in a polythene bag?' and I was like 'Noooo' and rushed to the balcony. The poor thing was in the bag with a lot of cabbage weighing down the ends of the polythene. So you know who we suspected. I normally don't have a very good memory for names/people so this story was somewhere in the recesses of my mind till the dear girl scraps me and says 'Hiiiiiiiii. Remember me?' And I was like 'Whoa!' And I said 'How could anyone ever forget?' There's nothing great to write about her, but she's travelled on expected lines. She scrapped back saying 'How's your beautiful mother? Remember your birthday party and how you didn't want to invite me but your mom forced you to? I found out from ___. Gd that was so weird. Lol'
And I thought to myself 'Ha! Rabbit-murderer!' but gave some inane reply with 'It's been a long time' etc. Man, orkut makes life so interesting! :D

We had our placement photoshoots, MC presentation to juniors. I hope next year never comes. Time, please slow down.

Watched a bunch of movies including Metro, Shootout at Lokhandwala. Metro was such a disappointment. I hated the band coming up all of a sudden and everywhere. SAL was okay, kept listening to the 'Ae ganpat' song :D (which should explain the title).

I should have my new phone by tomorrow. Hopefully an incentive to blog more often.
Think I should go now, specially if the walk's to take place tomorrow!

Hoppy weekend. I hope to enjoy mine.

PS: I think I've forgotten how to write. Or I'm too cold here, in the library to give it a second glance before publishing.


D said...

seriously ,Ammy is very cute in that last video u sent :)

and kaun sa phone?????????

Argentyne said...

nokia 6300 :)

blister said...

worst post ever. all in very odd pieces, like u weren't even paying attention. u can do better my gal! stamina?pills? do u even get what u sound like? :P