Thursday, June 14, 2007

More bwas than whees

I'm blogging because I'm in a giggly mood after reading Someone's post where I hast been mentioned for as long as a whole paragraph! Whoohoo! :D

I shall have to hurry as I plan to finish this before mom finishes her prayer and gets a chance to shout at me to start packing.

Yesterday was very depressing. Very very so. Why? Because cooking is not one of my hobbies, y'know? Now you do. And don't you know there's something known as doing your basic homework before you make a big decision? Even though yours truly might suddenly increase her mobile budget to 16k just because the phone has a nice shiny orange finish (which mom looked at and frowned. Fashion mummy!) Luckily I was saved because they didn't have that phone in that design anymo.

Plans to buy the 6300 have gone down the drain too cause Amama says phone bringing in lots of complaints. And now after aeons of research I can't find a single lovable phone that will fit my budget and constraints. Life, eh?

I had one of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. Left cheek swollen up. Did not give driving test as could not master reverse H. Bwakh.

The phrase 'life sucks' entered my mind a zillion times yesterday. But sometimes things happen, no?

Okay, time to r-u-n.


Anonymous said...

i will kill u if u buy some arbit phone.


mythalez said...

hey .. so u lost some wisdom lately .. 'good no'? :P

blister said...

hmm.... so that (and more)'s what it was all about!! Sheesh! and u sound like its the first time u realised that life sucks :D

Sophist said...

Ah! Major revamping underway I see. Welcoming the 2nd year eh? :)

Argentyne said...

peela-ladka, I shan't.

doda, I think so :( Will have to lose the other half in March I guess!

blister, life sucks sometimes. But I definitely don't want to think that's the way it's going to be always.

sophist, visit more often. It's been like this for sometime! :P