Friday, June 01, 2007

Last day at work...

In a very strange mood right now. Maybe it's the senti music (Aakhri alvida - passed on by cheerful cabin-across mate. Lovely song)
Otherwise there's always senti me.

The first thing was a personal mail morning morning. The second was this song. And the third is that this is the last day!
Well, tomorrow or Monday I'll probably be really happy I don't have to go to work. But I'll miss this place and all my cab-mates.
Said goodbye to them in the morning. One person I really liked gave a very nice goodbye, twice. Oh yeah, that was the second thing.
Vin too was surprised yesterday, 'Tomorrow is your last day? But it's only been a month!' And I said 'It's been two months' and smiled.
He was quite stunned, 'What, two months? Passed by so quickly!' Ash too, was casually asking me 'So what're you doing in your summer internship?'
And I said 'I'm just organizing and putting things into place. Today is my last day na.' And she was like 'What? How? When?Two months passed by so quickly!' :)

I'll miss this place.
Will put up photos sometime.



Anonymous said...

all i know is I am sad that ur internship is over. INternship over means u will be goig back to college. which means the one month will pass sooner

mythalez said...

being true to ur pseudoname aa :P

Anonymous said...

May you rot in hell zaMir, for your insensitivity towards the rest of us who will continue to inhabit the DEAD ZONE for a week longer.

Dolan said...

I Know What You Did This Summer

Argentyne said...

doda, true-ly :)

dolan, I shall scurry and hide! :P