Friday, February 17, 2006

Aapka kuch saamaan mere paas pada hai

I just got a message on my cell ... I'm really quite tired of these advertising messages plus the ensuing disappointment when the phone rings and I jump out of bed to pick up the phone ... all the effort wasted just for a call from Hello Tunes! There should be a blocking option for such calls! This message reads 'Want to tell her you love her but dont know HOW? Make Aashiq Banaya Aapne your ringtone and let her listen to it everytime she calls, call 3435353435 for details, calls charged at Rs.6/- per minute'. If you missed that 'everytime she calls', here it is again - 'everytime she calls'. I'm already sick of calling up people whose ringtones are 'Every step you take' or stupid songs from Murder ... instead of falling for him, she'll probably end up puking to death.

* * *

The other day I went with mom to the exhimission (some cousin used to pronounce exhibition that way) and was intently looking at some jewellery when I heard the girl beside me screech 'Daddy! Daddy! Look at this, 500 only! HE HE HE! You'll buy? HE HE HE! Buy no Daddy! HE HE HE!' She had quite an irritating voice and I turned, thinking that i'd find some 8 year old, only to find someone much taller than I am (which is not saying much, but still) and definitely much older than 8. I gave her a look but I think she was too busy tearing out everyone's eardrums to notice. As I was leaving, I looked at her t-shirt. It said
'If you think I'm being difficult, with a little more effort ... I can be impossible'.

* * *

Watched Bluffmaster and American Pie. I really liked Bluffmaster, I'm surprised that I didn't find it particularly recommended anywhere. Abhishek was really good, even though his acting was a little like in Dhoom, serious and underplayed. Nana Patekar is of course, Nana Patekar. About American Pie, I shall not say anything except that after certain recent experiences with strangers persistently ringing bells when I was alone at home plus a sickening autowallah have shaken my normally sensible faith in 'man'kind, this movie was a little unsettling. Still, it was fun in its own way, I liked the little touches, Mrs. Robinson playing in the background while 'shipwreck' is with Mrs. Stifler.


The optimist from utopia said...

saw the title and was reminded of your networks book..
When do I return it? :-??

melon collie said...

Thats EXACTLY what i liked about American pie.
That scene just killed me.

IdeaSmith said...

This is rude but I'm going to be rude so....Tag!!

Dreamcatcher said...

i HATE himesh Reshammiya. He reminds me of dogs barking. And it pisses me off to no end when ppl have "bheege hoth tere" as their caller tunes.

Sudha said...

Agreed. I can't count the number of times I've gone running to the phone, only to hear "Hello! Airtel ninchi nenu Balu.
Nenu Swapna..."

And, speaking of, did I tell you about the uncle type who must have called his son about ten times on his cell and kept thinking it was a wrong number because "the guy who picks up keeps singing 'Kaho na kaho" !

Arz000n said...

I own 3-in-1 DVD of American pie and if you stumble on ma old blogs, majority of ma posts were smilar to wht Stiffler wud write if he was into blogging...

lot of filthy lingo out there...hehehe..

AP is all time fav movie...ofcourse afta Scary Movie 1-2-3 :D

Suhail said...

That 'exhimission' sounds like some good edumacation to me :>

Anonymous said...

itne din ho gaye koi post nahin likhi
hud hai ..

Arz000n said...

aapka naya post kab aane wala hai??

IdeaSmith said...

Heehee...this was a good, entertaining post.

pickle_head said...

first time here.

i LOVE your template!

funny episode the 2nd one!

and i loved bluffmaster too...:)

The Reporter said...

OfromU, it shall remain my parting gift to you ;)

melon collie, hehe. Dyu know that happens again in the second movie too?

Ideasmith, I already did that kind of tag, the seven wala, not again!
And btw, didnt you read my post the first time? X-(

teq, AH! I could on remember murder, couldn't remember the song. So sick, calling up people and having them say 'bheege honth tere' :|

Sudha :D, har har, you even pick up the phone? :P I always cancel it .. save the number dumbass! :D
Haha :D Is that a true ishtory?

The Reporter said...

arz000n, :) Well I definitely wouldnt like that much, havent seen scary movie, because I havent seen the originals :)

Suhail, good one :) And thanks for dropping by

pickle_head, thana kyu :) It ees stolun :D