Saturday, October 29, 2005

Gadhi is busy

Gadhi (thanks to playboi's and blister's comments from the previous post and Shub for starting it all) is extremely busy what with placements, CAT, her final year project and everything in general wanting to throttle her to death, all at the same time. Maybe 'Gadhi' does sound better than coolcat :|, (which in my defense was a chat id that I used as my pseudonym here just because I couldn't think of anything else and because this blog was intended to be a personal diary) but i'm sure it's better than playboi and optimist from utopia ;) (all offense intended :D).

Gadhi has also realized that she is not very good at handling this much pressure and keeps hovering between 'Do it NOW!' states to 'Why, why, why?!!!' states. She's already worried by the spiralling competition and her fears have been reinforced by experienced friend who says 'Life is a sucky road ahead'. Gadhi is plodding along, she also thinks that this post might allay all her competitors' (who're hardly any) fears but beware! lightning may strike :D (her brain is on holiday).

While Gadhi was talking to her mom on the phone today, instead of saying 'her friend's parents had said Hyderabad has been identified as a red alert area', she ended up saying 'Hyderabad has been identified as a red light - oh, sorry, red alert area'. Gadhi's mother might be quite worried about how her daughter is now.

Gadhi takes your leave and apologizes for such a gadhi-ish post. Please blame it on all the pressure, she hopes she will not turn into a dhobi ki gadhi, na ghar ki ..


Anonymous said...

Gadhi (First Name Origin and Meaning)

Father of Vishvamitra.

PlayBoi said...

gadhi: "Ill be BAK"

and here she is. :D

Waise i know the reason the post was made. I threatened that i will continue on the PJ that me and blister started. I think CC got scared that the post will become a forum again, so she posted. :D

Hey Blister, How you doo-in ?

Dreamcatcher said...

Everything pretty much sucks at times.
And good luck for CAT.

handa said...

few questions:
1. who is blister and why doesnt she reply to my comments?
2. who said 'Life is a sucky road ahead'? he sounds so much like me.
3. Pressure? itni jaldi. abhi to bahut time hai.

Anonymous said...

red light area!! LOL!!!
ur mad I tell ya!
*hugs* n good luck dear!


The optimist from utopia said...

so is ur name gadhi from now onwards?? i say that gadhi sounds not only better than rao's name and mine, but it sounds better than thandi billi, coz talkin of donkeys, somehow I cant envision anythin or anyone else other than u :D.. and since kewl kat cudnt bell the CAT, i think gadhi shud do it. I feel u shud go for "The bespectacled penguin".. clumsy, bespectacled.. and Penguins are cool!! suits u much more.. wat say rao??

And eid mubarak.. :)

infinity said...

gadhi is somehow reminiscent of 'donkey' in shrek...kewl!

PlayBoi said...

penguin is ok, CC looks like that too .. with her dress and the beige pants .
onlything missing is few extra 10 pounds. But since the topic is open, and we are naming her .. shall think abt the names in details. :D >:)

The Reporter said...

anon :P You've just made it sound better :)

playboi, i will be deleting your comments soon. You have been warned.

Teq, thank you :) >:D< Yeah, life is a pressure cooker waiting to burst open.

Handa, blister replied to your comments the last time, but I deleted the comment because it was going way off topic. 2) No, it was not you :P 3) Kya time bahut hai, just look at the number of things i'm swamped with right now!

Optimist from WHEREVER, you have been disowned.

infinity, hehe, now that's nice :D

playboi, he knew that, that's why he said it!

infinity said...

eid mubarak,gadhi!

melon collie said...

only a few weeks for the CAT, no ?
best of luck.

Aran said...

Hi, stumbled onto your blog by following someone's link (forgot who it was) and have been cyber-stalking this place since then.

Reason for comment: Why can't I get to your archives?

The Reporter said...

infinity, thank you very much! Hope you had a good diwali :)

melon collie, dyu have to rub it in? :-<
:) Thanks :)

Aran, hehe. Coz they're too many people interested in them ;)

Aran said...

Sadness. :(

agastyabhrata said...

I just thought of adding this.

gAdhi (A to be read as in arm) is the father of Viswamitra.