Thursday, June 23, 2005

Notes to myself

Been quite a long time. It was a nice week and more that passed by. I think I made it through 5 days without any ointment or vaseline. Considering the number of sentences on my blog dedicated to my allergy, maybe I should change the name of the blog :D.

Anyway, following the principle of WTHIMB, the 5 days thing prompted sis to say that I must be very happy, or as she put it, consistently happy. Considering its psychosomatic (CAT does help in improving your vocab.!), I guess she was more or less correct.

For most of the days throughout the week, I seemed to have been afflicted with the high-at-two-a.m. syndrome. Also, when chona was helping kir cut the cake, we had great fun shouting 'Kaat, beta, kaat' like the 'Tod beta, tod' from Parineeta. Man, the ending almost ruined the movie!

Today's bus ride with Rn was also fun. The sign at the front of the bus said 'No Smooking'. Now don't ask me why that was funny :D. Sigret reasons :D .

Things at home couldn't be better. The weather has been lovely too.

Even though usually I am prone to standing for minutes doing nothing, staring at blank spaces, these days I feel like I'm being overwhelmed with information. Its like the sickly feeling you get when you have too much chocolate. I can't be consistently newspaper friendly, I get tired of it every other day. I can't take too much of vocab. Quants - I mustn't even speak of. D.I. I somehow like. Sigh. Maybe I need a whole group of people shouting 'Padh, beta, padh' and I shall break the wall of laziness. Mhee hee. Dumb, really.


Anonymous said...

Its nt been a week but full 10 days. I guess you need to work on Quant.

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The Reporter said...

:) If you notice, I said 'a nice week and more'.

PlayBoi said...

your back !! YOUR BACK !!!


PS: heard abt the bus ride and the fact that u didnt even let her get off the bus .. she had to beg to get off :p

pitty said...

There's NOTHING like "too much chocolate" !

The Reporter said...

PlayBoi, what's wrong with my back? :P Its you're, not your :P

Pitty, there certainly is. Have you ever had a chocolate overload? You'll knwo once you have it :)

playboi said...

damn it! there was a bee on ur back, then it flew away :p i was telling u that :p

anyway .. hmm .. i think its because although i wantd to write you're but because its not that easy to type .. my brain chose your instead :p

screw my brain and my laziness

Anonymous said...

playboi, yeah! Screw them! :D