Monday, June 13, 2005

Fun Dissection

Yesterday, someone said made quite an innocuous statement and I stopped myself from laughing out loudly with much difficulty.Its terrible how once when you've been alerted to the other shades of meaning a certain word can have, you have to think a number of times before you make a statement that can't be misconstrued, especially when you're hanging out with people who're constantly on alert for sentences with unintended double meanings.

It's so difficult to keep a straight face or to not point out the joke when your cousin says something completely oblivious of the thoughts that are occuring to you. There are certain words I've stopped using completely ... if I'm forced to use them it takes some conscious effort and a scanning of the people around me, to say them aloud.

And gosh, once you've started and you haven't reached the Gawd-I'm-way-past-it stage, a friend can be trying his/her best to tell you a serious story and the rest of you are laughing your heads off at the innuendoes. Or the victim could be the professor, like it happened with the Fine Arts prof. and my unfortunate name. A story I often have to hear because someone around is feeling vindictive.

We had great fun before a certain exam this sem (when fun is the sore need of the hour), when it seemed like the author of a rather boring presentation seemed to have something totally different on his mind. It was hilarious.

Of course, all the time there are people who nod their heads and say 'You guys really need to grow up' ... but till then :D


Tipsy Topsy said...

Can totally relate to it :)

burf said...

let us all list our all time top 5 such words ;)

and let's start with kewlkat :D


manuscrypts said...

ah, wifey has been experiencing this after my rigorous coaching, and discovering whole new meanings in movie dialogues..hehe

PlayBoi said...

hmm i agree with all but 1.
you are the one who keeps saying to me "Grow up!"

Salil said...

You've been book-tagged. Check out my blog.

ansari said...

You're so right abt the 'innocuous' statements and associated innuendos :))

One of my uncles can deadpan anything anywhere, he makes a sport out of doing it. Unfortunately, I'm generally the only one who appreciates what he's REALLY saying...and I just cannot stop snickering out loud. No control only :(

ansari said...

Oh...and it didn't look like the Fine Arts prof was the victim there! :P

Shriniwas Kulkarni said...

Dissecting double meaning comes naurally in males :D (notice carefully).

Well, I dont really know You but your blog name is great-
All I Thought about was that
"Be My Vaseline" is an amazing Pun on "Be My valentine".

And by the way I am Salil's friend.. Check out my blog too


The Reporter said...

TT, of course you would, after all you were the one who talked about it first :)

burf, no way:P

manu, she must be having fun! :) Sorry I haven't been to your blog in a long time. Shall attack soon! :D

salil, sure, next post shall be the book tag one.

ansari, whoa! an UNCLE?? Now that's surprising. Umm, guess you're mostly right about the Prof :). But he was still innocent though dumb.

Shrinivas, well I don't think its a male dominated domain anymore :). I am SO glad you got the pun, there have been many who didn't and many who took it to mean something else >:. Shall visit your blog soon, was not in blogging mode till now.

The vindictive guy said...

I'm not vindictive. I'm cold and unfeeling and it's my idea of fun. Can I help it if you like swimming?
And people are not 'constantly on the alert' or anything like that. It's just that their senses are more attuned to shades of meaning than other people.