Saturday, March 12, 2005

Yesterday's pure glee

Watched Amelie the day before. A cute, slightly weird movie. When shall we have movies like this in Hindi? I liked her wild imagination. She reminded me a little of myself and a little of Tom Sawyer's imagination. The unabridged version of Tom Sawyer is one of the best books I've ever read. Coming back to Amelie, I was wondering if I had as wild as an imagination as hers and I decided I didn't, though two incidents came to mind
- I remember sitting in a dreadfully boring class and thinking (this has happened more than twice or thrice) what if my head splits open, blood was going over the whole classroom floor and I scream and shout? (Morbid eh?)
-Attending a quiet quiz competition at a quite conservative school where my mother works and wondering what would happen if all of a sudden there'd be Kaanta Laga on the stage :-S


The same day I was overwhelmed by a powerful craving to have a Domino's pizza at 10:30 pm. Knowing it was too late, I walked over to the canteen and settled for a good enough substitute, Spanish Tomato flavoured Lays. No, not the small one, the big one. Then I came back to my room and sat in front of the PC, ate one at a time, savouring it as if it was the last. However, I believe I was so guilt-wracked that with each chip I had, I managed to convince myself that it was making my stomach feel weirder and upsetter. As a consequence, a handful of chips were left for the morrow (which I had first thing in the morning without any twinge of conscience whatsoever. They were so few!). I am thanks to moi lovely Vaseline, better than ever. I think it felt gratified because I put my gratitude on my blog for everyone to see. Did I say it? I meant he.

Did I tell you I have a pristine smile? *flutters eyes*

Going bankrupt may cause feelings of loanliness.


Bhim said...

Amelie is a wonderful movie, and the girl - audre tautou is cute :), one movie I can watch as many times as you would want me to..

btw.. your exploding head reminded me of quentin tarantino :) ... hehe .. have you seen any of the "kill bill"s?

melon collie said...

So, my little Coolcat, you don't have bones of glass. You can take life's knocks. If you let this chance pass, eventually, your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton. So, go get that Spanish Tomato flavoured Lays, for Pete's sake.......

Handa said...

Vaseline is giving me strange ideas... ;) will talk bout it when i find u online.

The Reporter said...

lol, vardan. No, haven't watched ... i guess guys really love those, don't they? :)

Melon Collie, there's a long story behind that, to put it in a few words, I have eczema and the monosodium glutamate in chips aggravates it, so can't have them :)