Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Snatches of overheard conversations

'Itne paranthe ... bas khaate jao, khaate jao'

On the way back in the seven seater, I covered my nose with the dupatta as the guy was in the front, with his back to me, was smoking. I had done it unconsciously and then this is what I heard,

In very carefully pronounced, accented english, 'No smoking in public'
and the guy who was smoking went Ha ha ha (a here pronounced as it would be in the word flat).

Then Mr.NiceGuy sitting beside me and carefully trying to keep a distance said 'Arre, bandh karo yaar, yahan dekho' and then continued 'Aisa nai hai ki main nai peetaun lekin... '

So that guy obediently put his cigarette out. Mr.NiceGuy got out all the way from the seven seater to make way for me when I was getting down. (No, I am not that fat, he was simply being courteous).

Men. They aren't that bad, really.


Did you know that I am 'naturally funny'? Did you know that I can make certain people laugh for a long time and smile for even longer? Tee hee.


Sometimes all you need to fill your cup of happiness to the brim, is two rupees worth of khatti meethi pani puri.

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