Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Here's what happened from last night till today morning, in Kir's words:


I have a dog in the hostel now! I smuggled her in last night which is also
when I fell in love with her. The guard was blissfully asleep, helping me
in my misdemeanours. She's a teeny, tawny, adorable puppy. Someone showed
her to me and said, "Gift for you!". Then I put her on my lap and she
promptly went off to sleep. So I thought it would be criminal to leave her
out in the cold and made a bed for her in my room. She slept for a while,
and just when I was dozing off, woke up and started whining and generally
creating a ruckus. I'm not used to be being woken up by dogs in my room
here, so I was rather inclined to go back to sleep. Finally she made me
wake up and ask my neighbousr if they had something to eat. True to habit,
I left my door slightly ajar, and befor I know what, she's next to me at
the door of the room at the end of the wing, and my friends are staring at
her. After that futile adventure she followed me back and started playing
with my shoes while cc and I talked about her future. All the time she
kept making lil growly-whiny noises which woke the guard, and just when I
was went :O because she had gone and sat on a lone paper on the corridor
to shit, he took her away, paper and all. So I went off, mentally shaking
my fist at whoever was responsible for two heart breaks in a week. I
mourned my losses to whoever was online and went off to sleep hearing
heart-rending cries outside the hostel. At 6.30 a.m, I was woken up by
loud and demanding screeching outside my room, so I opened it and told her
to come in, pumping a fist inwardly. She fooled around for a while,
calling for attention but I was in no mood to cater to her needs. Half
asleep, I open my eyes wondering what made her shut up, and I see she's
gone and made herself comfortable in my bag of unwashed clothes. Amma
should know about this. I picked her up and mumbled something like "Go
back to your bed.. go, go." Authoritative voice and all. And she just went
and put her head on her little paws and went to sleep. At least I think
so. She might have stayed awake staring at the dustbin for a while.

At about 7.30, the guard knocked on my door; there was someone who wanted
to see me. I went out bleary-eyed and found a cheerful trappy standing
there. I had asked him to buzz me in the morning, before he went to class.
Apparently he couldn't wait to see her, so he'd taken the trouble to walk
all the way here. :P So I showed him my room window, went in and put her
on the sill. Now there's two of us who're in love with her... :O He stood
there enamoured, and every now and then we'd go like 'oh look! she's
fallen asleep' or 'oh look! she's eating her own feet', not withstanding
the fact that those two things seem to ber her main preoccupations at any
time. Had to shoo him away finally to go get myself some breakfast and
Scout some milk. Scout, the little spunky girl from 'To kill a
mockingbird'. This one's not spunk yet, but I'm hoping she'll get there.
She nosed her milk bowl too hard and spilt milk over her sheet and the
floor and all and got a spanking and some yelling from me. Didn't spill
her next round. I had work harder than I have in more than a week, mopping
up the milk and shifting things around. Now my room looks like a pigsty.
Then she took to sitting on the paper forlornly because I'd taken her
sheet out to dry. I told her she'd damn well put up with the frugal
infrastructure for now, what with her acrobatics with milk bowls and all.
Finally I told her not to worry and that it would be back, and gave her my
yellow, ugly toy dog Sunshine to play with. Now she's lying with her chin
uncomfortably placed on it, with its high back as a pillow and one tawny
leg over one stubby yellow paw. Amma's Teacher's Day gift has finally
found a better purpose than being kicked about unceremoniously on my bed
and the floor. cc says now I have someone to shower my love on. Looks
like my store of affection has not been drained dry after all. ;)

The puppy resting its head quite uncomfortable on Sunshine (ha ha :D) was the cutest thing I have seen in a long long time. Bluddy hell, we didn't have a camera!

Nothing going on today, what about you people?

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