Saturday, February 12, 2005

Different Things

Black is a nice movie. Definitely worth watching once. I got to eat two 5
Stars because I watched the movie without shedding a single tear(!) :D .
The senti reputation does get you returns sometimes ;). I wish the movie
was better in connecting though, it wasn't like Rain Man, where you begin
identifying with the character. I liked the child artiste though. She was
really good. After the movie, all of us had our hands clapped on our
mouths and went 'wwww' 'wwwww' :D.

Yesterday, Closer, today Love Actually. Didn't like either of them. The
acting in the former is great though. Love Actually is SO dumb! Closer is
illogical in my opinion in spite of all the rave reviews.

Watched my first hockey match today. We're really lucky to have a great
stadium right by our college. Bangalore vs. Chennai. As usual, partial
towards the underdog, which was Chennai in this case. Initially, I found
the game a little silly, but it got exciting later on. They kept getting even
till even extra time ended and there were penalty shots or goals or whatever
( I know zilch about hockey). Even in these, they were even until the last
goal that Chennai scored and Bangalore didn't.

Before that, attended a talk by Cisco VP and CIO, Brad Boston. Really
liked it. I wonder why I like these talks, I find them inspiring for some
reason, even though I don't think I'm very interested in the field. Or am
I? Or do I just admire these great people? I don't know. Shall have to
think it over. Loved the hotel's lobby too :).

Observation of the week: It is easier to break up when there's anger
involved, kinda difficult otherwise.

Take care people!


manuscrypts said...

always loved black, will have to check out the movie :).. happy v-day

The Reporter said...

Black's a favorite of mine too! :) Yup, go watch this movie, and have a blast! ;)

YsHuDi said...

It is easier to break up when there's anger
involved, kinda difficult otherwise

whom did u observe ????