Sunday, February 06, 2005

This is what abeyance means. Was waiting for dodo to post a post ( :D ) on his blog, so thought of writing a small one myself :).

What do you think about head banging? Do you?

There are some songs I know that you just can't stop shaking your head to or your foot to. But like everything else, head-banging should also have a limit.

Today our college's rock band was performing some Metallica and Floyd songs. As always, rock means smoking and drinking has to precede and/or follow. Then people started head-banging, or should I shorten that to hanging? There was a wooden frame separating people from the stage. People were bending over at 90 degrees while holding on to it and jerking their whole frame. It reminded me of old movies where women beat their chests in sorrow when someone dies. I mean, these people looked like primitives out of some Early Man movie. To appreciate rock do you need to act like BhingChang Baba has cast a spell on you? It hardly looks human and there were people doing it in groups! Its like a group of people from some cannibalistic tribe were celebrating their latest kill. All that was lacking was a fire and lesser clothes.

Ah well, guess not everybody would think the same way. But WTHITMB! :D

Take care everybody :)


manuscrypts said...

to each.. their own :)

AJ said...

Does the rock band ppl cannot under stand by head banging of crowd,which symbolises "plz stop the music..our head can no more bear it":-)

The Reporter said...

I know Manu, I totally agree :)

AJ, I guess the performers know better :)