Saturday, January 29, 2005

There are multiple tabs open. Do you want to close all of them?

No... I have to keep them open, keep checking if there's something new. Have to read the news more regularly. Even though I don't like reading the news from the net and I'm too lazy to go down to the newspaper room and get the paper. (Yes, this makes no sense. No profound meanings here. Somehow that statement got me blogging so gave it the honour of becoming the title.Something reminds me of the lines on g's tshirt - 'I've gone to find myself. If you find me before I get back, please keep me here' :) )

Dad came,left. Two things I want to remember:
-Dad singing 'Kyun hota hai pyaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr' in the bedroom while Mom, sis and I wait outside so he can come out and drop me to the bus stop. Mom commenting 'aap pyaar kar rahe hain aur yahan par aapka intezaar ho raha hai' :D

-Me asking dad to buy a silly 5 buck wallet at the bus stop because dad didn't want to use his proper wallet, it having too many cards etc. Dad asking if there was a need to buy such a shoddy wallet, me saying its better than him taking out cash from his shirt pocket. Dad paid ten bucks to the guy, took the wallet. It had two pictures of some terrible models inserted in the outside and the inside. I asked Baba to take it off and he says with a big grin, 'Nahin ghar le jaakar mummy ko bataoonga, she'll throw me out of the house' ! In spite of asking him twice, he refused to throw away those stupid pictures. After four or five days, when i asked dad, he said he'd been trying to irritate mom with them so she tore them and threw them away :D . I stilll doubt the 'tore' part though :D

I never thought i'd say this, but I'm kinda tired of blogging. Not of reading blogs, just writing on my own. So if people still pop up here, my posts will probably be boring(worse than ever ;)) and far in between, so I'll be back when i'll be back :) .

Take care.


manuscrypts said...

blog fatigue, i guess ...

The Reporter said...

right you are manu :)