Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Crazy crazy days

Crazy crazy days. Ups and downs. Highs and lows.
Had a very crappy conversation with friend dodo last night. Was on a total blabbering spree.
This brilliant piece of conversation should be proof:

Inky pinky podo
father had a dodo
dodo died
father cried
inky pinky podo


Today was the campaigning for the Campus life committee. I am standing for secretary and dodo is a member of my committee. We had thought we didnt stand a chance considering one of the other contenders is much likelier to win on account of seniority but things went out pretty well for us. I hope we gather a significant number of votes even if we dont win.

With the horrendous headache i had i wasnt sure i'd be able to speak but got comfy after a few minutes so it went well. Came back , went to the cant with rn and back here.

Also learnt that i might have screwed up my networks exam big time. Yayy ! way to go gal .

Guess I should sleep now, i've realized i should pay more attention to mr.mammary. Goo nite people.

Oh and I almost forgot , Happy birthday google ! Love you, muah :D

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