Thursday, September 09, 2004


Ah, finally. One thing on my todo list done, blogging!
From around 10 till now, have visited around 40-50 blogs. No wonder my friends call me 'you hadh velli female' :D .

Some people have such a great gift when it comes to writing. Unless I concentrate a lot, I cant write such a well-written post. Just comes out rough and tumble. But to quote Hima, WTHIMB (What The Hell Its My Blog!) , so here we go.

Two blogs I read, one for the first time, the bloggers are giving up their blogs, one because he didnt want to be read and commented upon in the first place and second because he wants a change. I guess that becomes inevitable when you realize that your audience is affecting your posts, which i've realized also happens to me but I shall trudge on nevertheless, only I shall be careful where I put my step.

Another person's blog , dont remember his url, wrote some pretty biased stuff about how Muslims 'want to turn India into an Islamic state by 'multiplying like rabbits'' and that 'if I were a Muslim in India I would have nothing to be proud about' nearly brought me to tears.

Shashi Tharoor had written a very good article about how Indian Muslims have to keep proving their patriotism, about how people make a big deal if Kaif talks about his love for the country among other things.

I love my country and am extremely proud of the religious freedom I can exercise here, well atleast in my city and most places here. Like I mentioned before,I'm grateful that I live in a country free of strife and war (mostly atleast) and I do NOT think there should be a need to make these statements again and again.

After reading the comments at the aforementioned post I found such anti-secular feeling that it made me wonder, are all the people I know hypocrites? They talk to me warmly enough but do all of them nurse and hide feelings of such magnitude in their hearts or is it that they have met only fanatics ? Or is it, as often is the case, of judging a whole community by a few people and falling for propaganda ?

I'm too bleary-eyed to write anymore, shall make a post about it soon enough. Sigh, have to blog roll so manny manny people.

Goo nite people (yes, it is the middle of the day but exams do this to you). Habb fun.

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