Thursday, September 16, 2004


Correction: I was talking about 'TOW All the poker' in my last post.

Some more memorable dialogues from that episode:

Phoebe: Ross, could we please listen to something else?
*Marcel the monkey had put on this weird funny music*

Ross:Welllll , alright
*walks up to the deck and stops the song*
*Marcel gets off from the table near the deck , goes into the next room and the door slams*

Ross (with a woeful expression on his face):
I'm going to pay for that tonight
*everybody playing poker*

monica : lets play a biiiiig one
ross: are you sure? Phoebe just threw away a jack because it looked very sad .
Ross coming out from the bathroom ...

Ross: Alright, your money's mine, Green

Rachel(looking at her cards):Your fly is open ,Geller!

*A little while later*
Phoebe : You know what I just realized? Joker is poker with a j! Coincidence?

Chandler: Hey, thats joeincidence with a C!

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