Friday, September 17, 2004

blah blee

After reading Shub's blog, just reinforced the fact that blogging is in fact becoming an obsessive compulsive disorder . Yayy! I'm autistic :D.

I find myself typing my email address and woke up the other day with a nightmare about some controversial comments on my posts and god knows what. My friends think I should change my first name to blogger. At times in class I find myself typing out URLs in my mind! Of course before blogging, I still typed out stuff in my mind, specially when i'd just gotten the hang of touch typing, all the sentences in my mind used to be typed out on some imaginary keyboard.

Some people have the habit of writing their names over and over again in their notebooks. Rn has also subjected the walls of our hostel to that :D. Remember reading in some graphology book that people who give a lot of importance to their name, think a lot of themselves. Rn, you listening? :D

You'll find my notebook filled with honeys and other weird designs (depends on how much the professor lets my mind wander :D). And honestly, I have no idea about the honey. Kir keeps teasing me about it, but there isnt any of that angle to it, or is there? :D

I had actually meant to write about something I remembered from an old novel. But this came out somehow. Shall leave that for the next post.

Happy blogging people!

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