Tuesday, August 03, 2004


assalamualaikum and hi :)
went to noorie's (yeah, thats what they're calling the TCS guy) class at 4:30 .When he started teaching the same thing for the fifth time, i gave population an astonished look,mouth wide open , he replied the same way.Later however things got better. He says those 'layers of understanding' and 'levels of' something (i've forgotten what) are very necessary to understand how quality can be assured and blah blah. However it made much more sense than his last lecture and he got pretty senti and motivational towards the end of his lecture. The guy's actually worked or studied under people like Wirth(heard his name from Gulu ) and Dijkstra ! Can you believe that ?? ( I somehow imagine sis reading this with no expression on her face :) . What would i know about her great medical giants ? :) ) .

Musta been a 'fundoo' guy . That reminds me , one day while at the coffee shop saw gulu and noorie do this weird touching the ground thing when they saw each other.VM told me they're old friends.Wow. Cool to have an exec VP for a friend :) . THough gulu wouldnt be too far behind i guess. Poor guy's losing a lot of hair and sometimes when his hair hang on his forehead , he reminds me of Al Pacino in 'Scent of a Woman' .

Yeah, so as i was saying (and rambled off ) , this guy got senti about how we all only follow and never lead, that though we have 2% of the software market in our hands we havent produced a single product yet. About how one of his professors , some famous guy i dont recognize called Hoare told him that Indians and Chinese dont know how to design, only to copy and work hard. That statement kept pushing him and stuff so he was like , in spite of all that i learned i regret that i never lead and only followed. You can be another Stroustup ( or however that's spelled ) he said , pointing at Ru. Ru later said in his most defensive tone 'Sir, if we all want to lead, who will follow ? ' To which Noorie disturbedly answered that there is some part of us in which we excel more than other people (which got me thinking, mine certainly isnt software :) ) and we should try to lead in that field rather than being led in every field by which we're doing a 'great injustice' to ourselves. I think that very much made a point. Good , we finally got something out of his class. I mean he hasnt taught anything concrete till now , probably because this is the first time he's taking a self invented course ! All the best to us ! :)

Went to the libby, after dinner with Subjuns Pra and Cha , so now i know who has the green eyes. Lucky girl. Laughs a bit too much though. Studied n/ws for a while though it was a bit too late. Had some trouble with Uk. Been acting pretty weird. I dont really care or maybe thats only coz im at the upper hand ( :O ! I'm so mean!! ) .Then read Health and Nutrition. Wouldnt normally have read soemthing like that but the cover attracted me ( No, not the hunk, but finding out which stress type are you ) .Unfortunately, so many stress types were listed that i couldnt find mine :) .

Here's some interesting stuff i found .
This was mostly intended for old people who're forgetful. Seems your brain operates on a 90 minute cycle. For 90 minutes your right brain is dominant, for the next your left and so the cycle continues. So if you find yourself in a position where you've forgotten say , where you've parked your car, then close your right nostril, breathing through your left nostril . This interrupts your cycle and gets your right brain on dominating mode. So if the parking information was stored on the right side you'll find it and vice versa if you do 8 timed alternate nostril breathing.
Kir says its all bullshit. Moi dont think so . The article ended in a nice way .
'If you've tried both your nostrils , then better get your fingers off your nose, people might be staring'

Another thing was :
Makers of Pringles potato chips came up with this novel idea , a way to fill a relatively small tube with a lot of chips by noticing that it was easier to bag wet leaves because they clump together so more can be pressed into a bag. They made their chips from a wet potato mixture and molded them so they would look like spoons in a canister .
Cool na ?

And another thing was :
Walking and talking on your cell/phone at the same time can put your lower back at risk!

I read about so many murders/accidents that for some time i was just sitting holding my breath.
You can lose life in an instant. Surely the worst of deaths are the unexpected ones. Alhamdulillah, things have been so fine with my life that i feel scared something horrid, horrid will happen to me one day :( .There are so many serious issues to talk about while people write about how nice it was of Kareena Kapoor not to get irritated when she got stuck in a lift at Ohri's with quite a few decent people for ten minutes! Gawd .

WHen i was walking to the libby , some cool droplets of rain brushed on my face. Sigh. What a feeling.
God , you're great.

I have to go and sleep now.Got gulu's class in the morning. POPL , sigh.


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The Reporter said...

and to add something, the url of the blog should tell you the sex of the writer , shouldnt it ? :) .
I cant make the font lighter,its looking weirder then. If i give the main part a translucent background i'm losing the beauty of the picture.
So thought would stick to this coz I didnt know people would be visiting :) .