Wednesday, August 04, 2004

pizza :(

I was thinking that my background is sort of incongruous with my blog title. But i love that purple picture. Maybe then i should have changed my title to something like 'into the deep' or some soul thing :) .

I found this really enticing picture of pizza (sigh) , thought would make it my background even though i'm more of a chips fan than a pizza fan.Couldnt get any tempting pictures of chips . Weird. And i dont have the patience right now to make a collage. I think i'm more obsessed with the background on my blog than what i write on it :) . Write on it or write in it ? :-/ . Dont know .

Hey, i just wrote to ru. We had a nice write conversation :) . Long time. THings haven been weird. BUT , its okay . Life goes on :D .

Last Friday Population and I were in the 'Philosophical Discussion on Human Desires' class and the prof , this really cool guy who keeps jumping around the whole class and wiggling his eyebrows all the time was asking about basic needs.So someone in the class, probably from the AB group said 'Pizza , sir' and burst out laughing. So eagerly continued, 'No , no dont laugh. In America it is their basic need' so everbody was smiling. Pizza hut kept flashing through my mind so i turned to population and said 'Pizzaaaa' :(. To which population replied saying 'teri birthday toh aa rahi hai na' . So I said 'Nahin , nahin .. we should not give in to our desires' :D

Guess Pizza Hut would be birthday treat destination. *Ah, mouth waters* *Also burns a hole in the pocket * .But i guess its worth it. This time wont be taking the group, different people this time .

Uk is kind of getting on my nerves. Will have to take it slow like ru says.

I got views from other people too :D . Please drop a line people, like Poonam says 'Let me know you're alive ' .

I'm thinking i write pathetic posts. But then, main objective was to write for myself . So I think its fine. (Sour grapes ? )

Didnt do much yesterday except for fiddling with my blog. When I was making this template i'd decided i wouldnt change it for a month atleast considering it took quite some time . But i keep getting tempted .

I want a good book to read :( . Read Isaac Asimov's Gold short stories thingie. Its also got his articles from a magazine of his about his reactions when people ask him how he gets his ideas,plots ,character names etc.
Quite an interesting read .

Had got Preethi Nair's Hundred Shades of White from the libby during the hols.Had actually issued it with Kir's card but i read it first. Its not like those usual crossover novels though it does have quite a bit of the usual blah about the 'sounds and smells of India ' and stuff . But the story is pretty good and its really well written.
Had searched for her name on the net and found her email address , so mailed her an enthusiastic review .
Got her reply after a few days. Though it was only one line , i felt soooo happy :D . Later i was wondering maybe her agent or some PR person could have replied . I hope not :( .

Was having this senseless conv with handa , some mother-son thing :D . Full getting paid at motorola . So now its work for everybody , but moi!

Slept off in Crypto class today. I just rested my head on my hands , eyes closed and fell asleep. Rn was busy reading Asimov's foundation . When i woke up , her elbow was resting on my elbow and she'd gone off to sleep too. Sad people. Woulda seemed like a bedroom to someone :) .

Guess I shall drop off for sometime .

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