Saturday, August 21, 2004

The wedding

Thursday was one of the best days of my life :) . I havent had such fun in a long long time.

Though it didnt start off that well (same embarassing incident again! What the hell was wrong with me ?) initially, the rest of the evening was a fun filled dream.

Mom was extremely patient and nice about the saree, she ironed the whole thing and the blouse was perfect :) . She was so happy that she had been this thin then :D .

The saree was beautiful, pale red with a dark red and gold border. Unlike how it happens usually, i did look good this time when i dressed up and that ways i was in an upbeat mood. Sis was astonished at the transformation, she started laughing and kept saying 'You look so .. so professional' :D . For once.

Then mom and I left for the mandapam rare-time driver chauffering us. While mom was explaining the directions to him he said 'Oh!Shadi mein jaarein?' Nah honey, just wanted to sweep the road! Bah.

Reached ten minutes after the muhurat :( , the place was huge and grand. I'd never been to a telugu wedding before and since this was a Brahmin marriage i was very surprised at the number of rituals they had as part of the wedding. Bride and groom were talking and laughing all the while. D looked so happy, it was very nice to see her glowing face. She seemed very happy to see all of us and said when we were going down the mandap, 'You people go, i'll come' :D . Guess she'd forgotten she was the bride :) .

Loved the festive atmosphere and we had a lot of fun hogging and cracking stupid PJs. Later we were all so tired we plopped down on the grass inside the compound wall. Plopped i guess would be the wrong word because we all had to sit down gingerly considering our clothes :( .

Later Dingo Dog's uncle came to pick us up. He is so much fun ! There were two inflated heart-like showpiece thingies hanging from his car's rearview mirror which became a subject of much amusement. We asked him what they were for and then cracked up saying 'they were in case of an emergency heart transplant' :D .That was followed by silly stuff like 'Home is where the heart is ' and other crap.

At one point of time when uncle was taking us towards my place ( so sweet of him to drop all of us) he asked me whether he should stick to the right side of the road or the left . I was very sure so I said 'Uhmm .. just stick to the road please ' . So uncle said 'yeah , yeah i can guess what you're at. Stupid man, why dont you shut up and drive is what you wanted to say na ?I can understand your hesitation' :D . All of us burst out laughing. Then stupidme1 cracked some jokes about her being brought up politely and DD Not being so .There was some nostalgia too, about DD writing happy-dayal for sukhdayal in her hindi workbook and our hindi teacher catching her and DD having to apologize in front of all the teachers in the staff room. Haha :D. Man, it was SO much fun . I'm going to remember this 19th Aug foreva ;) .

I'd missed all this fun with friends here. gave me a good boost. I should try to remain in touch . I met stupidme after almost four years. Long long time since yours truly used to start crying in the middle of her exam because she was afraid she wouldnt be able to finish it!! What a dodo i was, i deserve to be made fun of by these people :) .

I wish such days on everybody . Haffun people! :)

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