Tuesday, August 24, 2004

*hurry hurry*

Two overall nice days.

Yesterday rn , population and i had a nice time. Sang (!) god knows how many songs at the birthday stone ... from Kisi disco mein jaaein to kajra muhabbat wala to chookar mere mann ko.Was nice :) .

A little before that we were discussing population's future .. love life to be precise (which is currently in the negative :) ) . We could understand why population was the butt of jokes, was so easily flustered and so cute . At one point frustration reached a new level and out came the words 'What the... ' and then he realized we were sitting in front of him and said in a very teeny voice 'fu..u..u..'. Rn and i died laughing .

Gave my birthday treat so late, had good fun :) . Poor poor rn. She was the butt of all the jokes today.Had fun with ru and sat . Lol, they're hilarious. Played the in-my-pink-pyjamas game :D .

Will write more later, some crises (whats the plural of crisis?? :O) on hand at the moment .
Was very down in the evening but felt fine after the treat :) . Hope things always become alright so soon .

Goo nite people .

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