Friday, August 27, 2004

Torture of the Crypto King

After having slept late last night, all the four of us found it very hard to wake up in the morning. A consequence of which i nearly missed my networks class. Luck was on my side though and i got into the class. After many stares by the prof, all of us rushed back to our rooms to get whatever sleep we could. The next class was in half an hour, crypto, torture for an hour and a half .

Woke up and realized that half an hour of the class was already over. Rushed to class, found seats in the last bench and four of us sat down there. So you can imagine that a sizeable portion of the few girls in the class were sitting in the last row instead of the first or the middle as it usually is.

I tried paying attention for some time while wabbit was busy with a novel,rn had slept (she looked like a total zombie) and kir having had a bath and being quite fresh was also doing her best to pay attention. After sometime i couldnt hold it back anymore, head falls on table , bliss. Woke up sometime in the middle to see that all four of us were sleeping, went back to sleep.

The window right behind us was making much noise, rn woke up, gave it a hard uncomprehending stare and went back to sleep.

A little later, dont know how i was listening with my head still on the table i heard the professor say 'Now i promise you what i'm going to teach next is interesting, it is about the contemporary methods of cryptanalysis. Maybe the last benchers will also find it interesting ' I could imagine the rest of the class turning around to look at us and there was a burst of laughter, i kept my head still on the table. He continued 'I guess they arent finding it interesting' , the class burst into guffaws and i couldnt help laughing too though my head was still resting on the table.

Sat up five minutes later, it must have been a hilarious sight , all of us fast asleep. Pretty nice of the prof to not do anything drastic. I guess he knows that if the 85% atttendance rule wasnt there no one would be attending his class.

Later when he was calling out the attendance ( no chance of proxies here , you see) Kir pointed out a fellow classmate to me who had also been sleeping. He had a large round red mark on his forehead. You wont blame me, will you?

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