Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nothing much happening

Nothing much of consequence happened in the past two-three days but i shall document them for the sake of documentation.

On Saturday went out with a maruti van load of cousins (if their age ranges from 21 to 8, you know there are a lot that can fit in) .Initially the options were 'khelne ke baad khana' and 'khane ke baad khelna'. We chose the latter. Unfortunately , the khana part took so long that khelna had to be totally abandoned much to the chagrin of my younger cousins. Returned home, promised to come back the next day.

Went back on Sunday, spent a lot of the time sleeping for which luckily I did not get shouted at because it was post lunch. Most of my friends have this sleep disorder, probably due to the insane hours we keep. Have tried so hard to get over it, sad. Maybe I should switch off my computer after midnight, though i'm not sure that would solve the problem.

Back to the topic, woke up and the same bunch of cousins went to spidey 2, yesterday's khana and this all sponsored by magnanimous uncle, who also promised to get the guy i want to marry . Nice nice uncle.

Spidey 2 was okay, funny in parts. When fellow cousins found it preposterous (spidey holding up the wall for his girl( she is so un goodlooking!)) I told them they were watching a super hero movie and not Main Hoon Na. Die-hard fans of SRK they are (ugh!) .We did some silly things while coming out of the theatre, like pointing our wrists at places and blaming our inability to demonstrate our spidey-powers on the time etc. (Note to self:Things do not sound as funny as they were when you were doing them than when you're writing them) .

Today was also more or less uneventful. Attended networks where prof continued to pronounce memory as mammary and i tried to keep my eyes open. Went to the library, read the newspaper, read two of Poe's short stories which gave me weird dreams when I fell asleep later for an hour in that calm AC'd atmosphere.

Came back and slept for four hours, woke up, wasted time, went to Pizza Hut. I'm sure they provide catering services in heaven. Nothing beats the taste of Spicy Garlic Bread Supreme. Nothing. You could play 'When you say nothing at all' at such times, the hungry us had such little conversation.

Exchanged nearly 50 mails among friends which started with a one-liner i stole from a friend's blog ( Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend, inside its too dark to read' ).Studied lisp in case we have a surprise test tomorrow(which reminds me of another thing kir had said 'Why is there an s in lisp?') .

Will have to sleep now, another round of torture tomorrow.

On a different note, why all the hullaballoo over the headscarves issue? If France is as it proclaims , a secular country, they can grant that much of personal freedom to their citizens. Its not like their country is made up of fanatics. Its causing unnecessary trouble.

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