Saturday, August 14, 2004

post birthday blues and greens

An account of that great day , the 12th of August .

- Woke up late . Thursday is free of classes.
- Found birthday related comments on blog and was gleeful , thank you Handa :)
- Tried frantically to get both project partners online, we had to give the presentation at 3:30 pm and till 12:30 we hadnt even started.
- Found Sat at 1 pm,though both of us hadnt had lunch we rushed to the lab and
started going through all the mind breaking stuff . Netfilter, iptables , bwakh . Lots of crap . Of course he's a linux 'bond' so he was much more comfortable with it than I am :) .
- At 1:45 Sat goes mad and insists he wants to have lunch while shouting that he hadnt had dinner the previous night nor breakfast and he DOESNT want to miss lunch . So both of us left .
-Then I realized that I had to withdraw money from the bank for the treat and the bank closes at 2 so rushed to the bank . Mr.Banker was not surprised. The last last time I came rushing in at 2:15 when it really should have been closed, he said with a nice smile 'You always come in late, dont you ? ' . So the next tiemes I had been careful to come much in time, however didnt make it yesterday, so rushed in at 2. He smiled and handed over the money without a word .I'm lucky he likes me :D .
-Now I didnt feel like going all the way up the mess and having lunch alone, so stopped by the coffee shop,took a 'kid's cone' and went to the lab.Found the other project partner, N there . N smiled and came over , asked me if i had had lunch . I replied in the negative, so he was like 'Why are you guys taking this so seriously? After all this is the first presentation of the whole project. Go, go have lunch' . And I was surprised, he seemed more like a person who'd freak out . Seemed like Sat and him had exchanged roles. I told him we hadnt got anything done and we needed to hurry up and that one more kid's cone would quell my hunger .
-Soon Sat was back and we started work, hurried up through the stuff and reached Prof V's office at 3:31 .Found some people in there , so hung around while looking for a classroom with a projector . All of them were occupied.
-When the prof finally was free he was surprised that we had prepared a PowerPoint presentation. Apparently , we were supposed to explain it to him on the board . That was impossible , there was hardly anything to explain. So he finally grunted to have us show it to him on his pc. (Why dont professors in IT institutions know the basic fact that crowding your desktop with icons slows it down ??? His was like full of icons , made me wanted to shift+delete them all at once !)
-He asked a lot of questions and said 'we werent good at convincing him' and that we should have given a broader picture . We told him this was only an introduction and that he hadnt specified what exactly he had wanted . He agreed, and now we have our presentation on the 21st when i also have a crypt exam ! :(( . Will try and study after this .
-Came back to my room around 5, lazed around, watched friends. Season 2 is really funny .
-The treat was cancelled because my classmate who shares my birthday was giving his treat ( grrrr ) . Just then auto wala from nani's place showed up with loads of food from my uncle's bakery . Mom had sent it .We were all so hungry we ate up the wantons without any thought for sis and another far off cousin who mom said were on their way here.
-Sis came, got into a fight with her . Then she apologized to everybody for being rude . Hmmf . She'd brought a lovely cake, everybody loved it . So i got two cakes :D . She brought a card too with a rather cute name in it :) .
-Everybody ate in Rn's room, then there was so much left that i gave it to one of my classmates. Guys are always hungry :D . Make nice scavengers.
-Watched a Friends' episode in Rn's room , the one which has Van Damme and Julia Roberts in it . Its so hilarious . :) .
-Meanwhile got my first gift in the form of a half filled notebook. Touching and beautiful.
-Came back to my room, was feeling rather bored. Had a weird conversation with Uk.Went to Rn's room later, watched this short fast movie called Foolproof .
Was fine ...
-Came back,prayed and slept .

As for today, attended Crypto class when he announced the test :( . Got a very nice keychain from a wingmate, i'd asked everybody in my wing for a keychain wehn my one and only ( and a very cute one :( ) keychain broke . So she got me one :) .

Attended another boring class at 4:30, just didnt seem to want to end .Later in the evening another not so close friend showed up and handed me a small gift wrapped cover, opened it to find another key chain , this one of a cute mouse :) . Seems when he'd looked at my last keychain, a rather weird one which pitti had lent me, I'd told him that i'd lost my last one so he brought this :) .

So turned out that i got gifts and cards from people i hardly talk to and my closest friends .. sigh .. but then they did go out in the rain to get the cake so i suppose they're somewhat forgiven :D .

For some reason was feeling awfully bad in the evening . Felt like crying my eyes out . Have no idea why . But then it passed off. One thing that i did learn from my birthday was to expect less and treat it as any other day, you'll enjoy it better . :)

That's it i guess, will make another post about the mensa scam . Was that funny or what ? :D

Many thanks to all the people who commented , my birthday made an unusually high number of hits. Love you all :D .

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