Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Mensa scam :D

It all started when one of my friends rushed over and said "Hey the mensa test results are out , better hurry and check them, they're in the mail."

We'd written the Mensa test around a month earlier and they'd said it would take a maximum of two months for the results to be out . Ki said she'd gotten an IQ of 172 which was 99 percentile . Soon other people's results came in , Ru got 166 , 99 percentile and then came the shocker. G got 178 , 100 percentile ! That made me ask him about his result twice, I was so shocked . G is the most absent minded person i know . Though he gets really good grades, talking to him is like running windows xp on a pentium 1 . We're always telling him that his compiler would compile things the next day and then he would be able to answer our questions.

He himself was pretty surprised about his result. He said 'This is the best technical fault ever' :D . The news spread like fire . I was worried because I hadnt got my result yet and was wondering if I hadnt gotten it because I didnt get through . Rn had gotten hers, 156 .

Meanwhile Poo and Adi came along , all disturbed . Apparently they hadnt gotten theirs either . So we took the emal address of the sender and decided we'd mail him if the resutls didnt come out soon .

Later in the evening , I got this mail :

Ms. ,

In the Mensa test held on 10th July 2004, your IQ has
been found to be 148 in the Cattel Scale. You have scored
in the 98th percentile.

You have qualified for the membership of Mensa. You are
immediately invited to join the MKolkata eGroup by sending
a blank e-mail to

You are also invited to the next meeting of Mensa will be
held on sunday, 6th June at 11.00 a.m. at the same place
where the testing was done. You are requested to pay
Rs 200 as the annual subscription to formally become a

Pradyut Anand

I was sad that i had gotten much lesser than my friends but happy that i had gotten through .

Now any careful person would have noticed quite a few mistakes in this mail .
For one , in my friend's mail it was writtten to send a mail for subscription to
mensa_hyderabad@yahoo.groups and in this one it was Kolkata something.
For another the date was June 2004 . But who would notice things like that when you';ve gotten your result ?

Later heard Ru gave a party in the canteen for his 99 percentile. He is a good bakra for getting treats out of him . Everybody was praising g and it seems ru was telling people that 99 percentile means not the best in AP , but best in the worrrrrrrrrrld and was totally showing off . Another classmate called GJ hadnt gotten through , so that made me feel grateful .

In the night there was a huge commotion, and when i asked what ? They told me to check my mail ( this was when i was cutting my first cake ) . I heard all about the canteen treat and things and died laughing .

This is the mail which will explain all , its subject was 'TRIBUTE TO MENSA HEROES' :
Dear newly qualified MENSA members

This is to inform you that you have been kicked out of Mensa.
I know this is surprising, but definately there is a reason for
You have all the cooooool 'dude' qualities ...everything that makes you
secure 100 percentile ........

You lack the H factor.
Press H in the mensa qualification mail and find more ......

take care
yours sincerely

Pressing the h on the keyboard while reading the mail would have told us the ip of the sender which was from one of our own hostels. The bakra makers were GJ ( the guy who didnt get through :D) and another one of his friends.

This guy is one of the most fun guys i've even seen . He's always getting into trouble, his parents are allegedly sick of him . He's got a HUGE fan following .
Seems Po and Adi were totally mad at the Mensa people because they're our class toppers and they hadnt qualified :D :D . And they easily got a treat out of Ru and found a nice way to make fun of g , whom they're always teasing :D.

GJ rules :) . Had great fun then :) .

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