Thursday, May 20, 2004

on my way out ..

Am going home now , didnt work much today , but more than yesterday (
which isnt anything to compare by :D ) , anyway ate prasad pingali's head
off , and the three of us , varaprasada (prasad pingali's longer name),
ranj and i had a nice time bitching about the ppl who'd worked on the
project before , took out a lot of flaws in their code , wonder what'll
happen when we start :) . God , thats scary.
Got a nice mail from Ruchir in reply to my belated bday card , will save
Ranj and i had a nice time too she kept typing kosole for konsole .. and i
started singing kosoleeeeeeee zindagi ki and we kept laughing like crazy
all the time . Working on projects is fun sometimes , SOMETIMES :D . Sure
brings ppl closer . Like Appy and Ranj .
Things are coool at home , mom asks me everyday , 'S, tum aaj khush
hai? ' Sure makes me grin like crazy, hope mom stays this way , shes fun
:) . Dad dropped me at coll today , for the last time he insisted . He
pretended to drop dead and die when i asked him to drop me :D .
chalo gotta go,
Ranj is here .

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