Wednesday, May 19, 2004


back at college, today neither ranj nor ruchir are here. Had lunch .. twas
good :). Did some makes-me-so-happy shopping yesterday , blew 200 bucks
(which sis says is not enough to call blowing up) at methodist complex
.There were such awfully cute cards there! I wanted to buy up the whole
lot .Unfortunately they're quite expensive , inflation!
Going there reminded me of school days so much , every birthday and we'd
make a trip there , used to have lots of fun :) . Went to softy den too,
imagine eating a chocolate overload alone , and i didnt even mind that i
was alone , liked it actually . Was reading the fourth estate all the
while . People musta been pitying me all the while :).
Ranj's the messenger for Ruch and Appy .. seems like i'm the messenger for
Kiran and g , someone give me a promotion !! ;)
So now wasting time browsing , got some career advice from Rajat , lets
see what happens .
The weather's been nice lately . Yesterday when i was walking into the
collge where usually im so pissed at having to walk so much , i burst into
song singing 'Its a beautiful dayyyyyyyyeyyyyyyy and im going
insayyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnn ' :D , i dont know whether those are the right
words though .
Sis was talking about how things might change a lot for her after
marriage.. kinda scared me stiff *gulp*
Neway gotta go and waste time :),

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