Wednesday, May 26, 2004

An eventful weekend :)

Saturday :
Ranj and I attended VV's meeting as usual.. and as usual it was
full of bc . Ponnurangam was also there .. he's got such a nice voice and
a cool accent , so when i told ranj i hope the guy i marry has a voice
like this , she just smiled in agreement and did not abuse my choice as
she does usually :) . So VV and ponnu* kept talking with interrupts from
jagdeesh .. ranj and i were getting quite bored . Since VV insists that we
carry some small notebook around so that we can take notes ,we'd borrowed
some papers from vikas_iitkgp (surprising how frequently you use
underscores after getting used to comps and mail-ids :)) ) , and we
kept scribbling on it and commenting on VV's comments . So soon the paper
was full of bc++ , crap++ and other such comments :). Then i started
drawing a pic and made it look like VV ,complete with french beard (is
there something like a french beard or did that phrase just pop in ?? :S )
and all , that made ranj giggle. Then this girl from NIT warangal called
neha , nudges ranj and points to vikas saying he wants to look at the
drawing, we giggled and hid it under the table for some time .. within a
few minutes it was back again on the table ,almost completely full ..

By now my patience was totally running out .. VV went on with Ponnu and
Pingali about some crap .. and somehow that song popped into my mind ..
maybe VV's size had something to do with it .. and i scribbled on the last
available space on the paper 'VV:chota bachcha jaanke mujhko na samjhana
re.. ' and that did it. Ranj and I were shaking with laughter .. i tried
stopping myself in the middle but i saw ranj was still shaking and i
started laughing again to the extent of almost wheezing , so when VV ,
apparently distracted said 'Ok , thats all for today ' , i could hardly
face him without smiling .. had to keep biting my lip :) .God , it was so
much fun :)) .

After that we watched Yuva .. in telugu ! The protagonist is WOW :) and
so is the music . Poor ranj had to keep translating all the while :) .
Twas fun , ranj went all idealistic after that :) , that she hadalso
wanted to join politics once and blah blah .. made me think later maybe we
should start that kind of a club , something like a social service kinda
thing :S , doubt if it would work though :).

Sunday after the usual ijtema went to k'puri , bilal is SO cute . Had so
much fun with him , he's a total 'natakbaaz' , all kids should be like him

Monday was pretty uneventful , stayed at home so had to do some chores .
Ranj left for Shimla yesterday :( , now i have to work on this stupid
thing alone , i shouldnt have let her go .. (sounds like a song :D ) (and
then that would make me a lesbian) (GAWD) .

I got a stupid C in dbms and that is so not fair, i got more marks than
lotsa ppl who got better grades !! kamal says its bcoz of that stupid
first assignment !! God, life is so unfair!! This was on Thu , RSB too.

Talking to Kiran , she's gonna meet ranj :(( . Ruchir's having fun in
Kodai, Appy is in bombay though shes totally bugged by maska .I wanna go
someplace too!! Wish i could go to dammam and stay at dad's place , ah
the lib!! :(

Dont want baba to gooooooo :(( . will write more later.. got lotsa work
and this sure is enough too :) .


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