Tuesday, June 01, 2004


This is what the morality test says about me

You are somewhat conventional.
You probably have a messy desk!
You are neither particularly social or reserved.
You find it easy to express irritation with others.
You are generally relaxed.

I come near to being closed-minded rather than being open to new
experiences , quite disorganized rather than conscientious , more
extraverted ,more disagreeable than agreable (!) , more calm=relaxed than
nervous .. hmm .

Right now on my desk there's a bottle of maaza (from last week ) , a
bottle of cream, my cell, my lock , my pouch , appy's book , the paper i
use in vv's meeting ,someone's metal scale, 3 bucks left over from teh
ticket, a screw driver,a bottle of vaseline and a sharpener. And i thought
i was tidy ! :S

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