Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A start

(Written yesterday, posted today)

I woke up this morning at 5 and finally got to the task I'd been
postponing for so long – setting up the kitchen. We bought the
stainless steel and plastic storage jars almost a week ago but I
hadn't got around to filling them up and stacking them on the shelves
of our lovely kitchen. Seriously, modular kitchens are so awesome. I
wish we had one like this at home. See, before you fill the jars there
are a number of things that need to be done – first you have to empty
out all the trash that was already there in those shelves, then you
have to buy the things you need for your kitchen, wash all the jars
before you use them and then, THEN, when they're all dry you can fill
them up and stack them in. Oh, I forgot a very important step – decide
how you're going to organize them and all your dishes, utensils. Which
reminds me, I haven't labeled the jars yet. Must.

Have you fallen asleep yet?

I wish I could. I'm having the kind of sleep-induced headache that you
only have when you're in office, staring at the computer screen right
after lunch and the AC, is of course, on. There is so much I have to
fill in but I don't have the time. The wedding prep, the wedding, the
Sikkim trip, the moving, the not-leaving, the settling, the shopping,
the new job. Saigh. Someday soon. For now I say hello and boodgye.


Dreamcatcher said...

post, soon :)

SSK said...

You do realise you have become frighteningly domestic? :P

And also, realisation-you-should've-had the second: that's how everyone arranges their kitchen. And yes, modular kitchens do rock.

I want to see pics of the new place once you're all settled in! *demands* Put them up here or mail them to me, I don't care which.

Also, email/text me with your new telephone number - been a while since we talked!

Apps said...

Call me!