Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Midyear reviews, growing up, relationships, nil work-life balance, stomach upsets and allergies... Why is life so complicated?


mythalez said...

do u hav a review like every other week? :P

and stomach upsets and allergies might be linked to the tilted balance!

and finally, if life were simple, what would we blog about? :P

blister said...

"fa inna ma'al usriyn-yusra, fa inna ma'al usriyn-yusra" -
"and indeed with hardship comes ease, and indeed with hardship comes ease"

naat to worry, and mythalez is right about the stomach upsets and allergies..

P.S.: been wanting to tell abt this med..for the allergy..

pbelix said...

a thousand lines of code written since monday, reaching office at 9AM, no work-life balance ...

+1 on the why is life so complicated