Saturday, February 21, 2009

You do, do you?

In the past few days, life's taken huge bwa and whee dips. While the whee portion's dominant, the bwaness brings me down once in a while. Reminds me of a play we had in our Hindi Sanchay Ekanki whose main theme was that sometimes you're forced to accept the very things you always thought you would never agree to.

I still need to keep a record though for later, so in no particular order:

- Attended RG and J's wedding today. J looked breathtakingly lovely in a beautiful white gown. The wedding was at my old school's church and I'd last visited it for our baccalaureate. It had seemed so beautiful then, today it seemed in want of tender care. Went with Immu and kept thinking that I should now come up with a theory (self-fulfilling prophecy is more like it) that every cousin I take to a friend's wedding gets married soon after :D. Or will, insha allah. Twas nice, congratulations and congratulations... and then headscarves as usual brought some weird attention.

- Attended another friend's wedding last week. There was RG's hilarious imitation of punjabi accented English and met a coupla people from K I thought I would never meet again. Felt nice somehow.

- How much importance can a bottle of water hold? You never know.

- Old memories mixed with new ones make for a memorable present. Mwahaha.

- Mom's gone back again so I'm back at kpuri. Sharing a room with Immu this time, tis nice.

- Had a rough week at office with frequent headaches and was quite surprised that when I took a day off, I was encouraged to take the next day off too. Nice way to scare people, made sure I came into office right on time the next day!

- Yesterday or rather Friday was some day! Spent a lot of time on the phone, spoke to a lot of people I hadn't talked to in ages. Twas supernice.

- I miss N.

- She's very grateful and hopeful that bwaness will fade away gradually, if not soon. Duas are always welcome.

- I realize this is an extremely disjointed post. Quite in keeping with the day.

Lerve. Lots.


Sudha said...

Btw, you've been tagged. Did you see?

mythalez said...

disjointed posts are often the best kind ;)

Dreamcatcher said...

Hope the headaches are gone.
I liked the post, it's like little snippets.